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Meta Programs and the LAB Profile®: What’s the difference?
by Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Macho Test”
By Shelle Rose Charvet
The miracle cure (!) for dealing with machismo.

“The Macho Test at Work” 

By Shelle Rose Charvet
The miracle cure (!) for dealing with machismo at work.

"You Can Lead a Horse to Water .... but is it Water it Wants?
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“How Visualization Can Create Bad Judgement”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Feedback Sandwich is out to lunch”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Psychology of Mac versus PC”
by Shelle Rose Charvet

“Get Out of Mental Hibernation”
by Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Motivation First Aid Kit”
by Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Language and Behaviour Profile as a Nonresponse Tool”
by Dr. Pamela Campanelli and David Klaasen

“10 Tips for Surviving the Health Care System”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“So Why Did She Stay?”
Understanding wife abuse and helping someone escape it.

“Upheavals and Downheavals”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Customer is Bothering Me!”
Shelle Rose Charvet analyzes the philosophies behind poor service.

“Real Behavior Change: How to Break a Habit”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“Bloopers, Blunders & Faux Pas”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“The Trouble With Creative People”
By Shelle Rose Charvet

“Out to make Harper ‘a hell of a guy’ “
By Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail.

“Office Crisis Averted”
By Jill Andrew for METRO TORONTO
How to prevent and treat crisis at work.

“Workplace Politics”
By T.K. MALOY, UPI Deputy Business Editor
Here is the decline and fall of democratic dialog.

“Campaigners Sent Knocking in Tight Race”
By Gloria Galloway
Interview about door-to-door campaigns.

“The Fruits of Wrath”
How to win the hearts of angry customers.

“Words that Work”
How to talk to your customers.

The Right Moment to Close the Sale

“Service with a Snarl – Customer Outrage is Justified”
By Catherine Rahal

“Is your Workforce Proactive or Reactive?”

“Freaked Out or Cool as a Cucumber: What is your stress response?”

“Have you responded to the GREAT CUSTOMER ATTITUDE SHIFT?”
Why customers have become so difficult to deal with.

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