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Do you need
problem solving Shelle?

A Success story...
Shortly after our visit the customer sent a 1 million Euro order
and has placed a 2 million Euro order to start off the year.
I believe that using the tips Shelle so beautifully and vividly “taught” me,
helped me close this deal. – Crystal McCollough, Germany

The critical business challenges you face
require intelligent thought and creative solutions.

Are you dealing with?

  • Increased competition;
  • Narrower margins;
  • Sophisticated customers who are harder to please; and
  • Teams you want to motivate and inspire to higher levels of performance.

Let Shelle's team help you with your influencing & persuasion challenges

Our areas of expertise

  • Advanced Sales Strategies.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
  • Words That Change Minds Influencing & Persuasion Program.
  • Words That Change Customers' Minds.
  • Creating Loyal Customers from Upset Customers.
  • The Charisma Code: Presenting with Charisma

We help make behavior change happen.

That means getting your people to shift what they do
to deliver different results.
As you know, change doesn’t usually happen in a 2 day seminar.

We use advanced approaches from Neuro-linguistic Programming, the LAB Profile® (Language & Behaviour Profile) and other methodologies to pinpoint the changes that will make a dramatic difference in your organization’s communication strategies, and then teach your team how to put them to work.

We are experts in influencing and persuasion. We know the below-conscious reasons that stop customers from being interested; we know how to motivate and inspire whole groups and individuals.

We can help you dramatically improve your team’s ability to persuade —
and get people to say “yes!”

Each Success Strategies solution will be tailored to your specific situation and needs.