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Shelle has been called
“Einstein meets Lucille Ball” for her highly
intelligent and wacky presentation style.


“Shelle is an entertaining and engaging speaker with a sparkling stage presence and a winning way with words – but her true gift is her ability to talk about the issues – the ones nobody else is brave enough to put in the spotlight.”
~ Dianne Lowther, Brilliant Minds, UK

Not Everyone is Motivated by Goals

“Shelle has a very charismatic presentation style, and has the ability to make her work tangible and relevant. She displays confidence and passion, and shows a high level of professional expertise. It has been a pleasure working with Shelle.”
~ Jim Torrance, Brand Strategy, RBC Financial Group, Toronto

Shelle was featured in the internationally-televised
CBC documentary “Customer (Dis) Service”

3 Attitudes in the New Reality…

 1. Mental Hibernation 2. The Scared Chicken 3. The Broadband Attitude

She is an expert in solving the toughest
influencing and persuasion challenges

By far the most popular and most appreciated keynote was run by
Shelle Rose Charvet! This is what I hoped and expected and
for which I’m truly grateful.”

~ Eric Parsloe,
International Conference on Coaching and Mentoring, Oxford, UK

Shelle’s popular programs:

Words That Change Minds in the New Reality »

Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People »

Words That Change Customers' Minds »

Shelle will create a unique experience for your people.

Shelle’s provocative and dynamic presentation style kept the group of mediators in attendance (many of whom are hard to please lawyers) completely engrossed. Shelle provided us with a whole new perspective on the topic and left the audience thirsting for more. Shelle has the special ability to both challenge and engage her audience. A true professional!
~ Bernard Morrow, Principal, Morrow Mediation, Toronto


Why Enthusiasm Causes Skepticism

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Here’s what more people are saying about Shelle’s keynotes;

Shelle doesn’t just speak at meetings. She impacts them. People leave with not just a lasting impression of Shelle but also with new insights into themselves and others. Learning about our language and behavior filters immediately helped us in global teams to have more impact on others. We now have new tools that we can use effectively in our daily work lives. As Shelle might say, she came to our bus stop and we all got on the bus.
~ Declan McGuinness, Global Issue Manager, Bayer AG, Germany

Thanks again so much making such a wonderful contribution to our conference. There could not have been a better way to start it off. Your keynote was as substantiated as it was entertaining and it made everyone in the room see how much need there is to define new partnership relations between organizations and customers in the face of the new reality.
~ Dr. Stephan Dietrich, Managing Director, JUNFERMANN VERLAG, Germany

Thank you for your presentation. It was informative, entertaining and I am sure it will enable us to make our customers happier in their interactions with us.”
~ Arun Rele, Chairman and CEO, ABELSoft Inc.

Thank you, Shelle, for the amazing information you shared with us last night. My mind is spinning with all the ways I can put it into practice to make my life better, both at home and at work!
~ Lisa Latorcai, Amadeus Consulting, Toronto

I have to say again how much I enjoyed your presentations at the conference! Very inspiring!
~ Heather Truber, Director, Alberta Health Services, Canada

Shelle, I loved your presentation and thought it would be great for our leadership teams!
~ Linda Hannah, RD Good Shepherd Society, Canada

Shelle’s keynote and workshop for professional speakers in Leeds, UK was simply awesome. I had never before really appreciated the power of language subtleties to inspire and alienate. Thank you Shelle, I have much to take forward into my presentations and marketing activities.
~ Clive Wilson, Deputy Chairman, Primeast & Past President PSA, UK

I heard and saw you speak in Leeds and I would like to say thank you for this and tell you how much I enjoyed listening to you. I have purchased your book and I am very much enjoying reading–it has enabled me to consider Meta Programs in a whole new light!
~ John Phelan, ECHELON NLP, UK

Shelle’s keynote ‘Conversational Coaching’ was absolutely fascinating!
~ Hilary Davis, UK

I loved your session and the feedback that we’ve had both on your keynote and on the day has been extremely positive with comments like: ‘Great introduction to the day!’ ‘Fantastic presentation and delivery – learned a lot.’ ‘Very good. Entertaining with a clear message.
~ David Crosby, Head of Events, Training Journal, UK

Thank you most sincerely for addressing our conference in Dublin yesterday. We have received fantastic feedback from the delegates.
~ Brendan Butler, Irish Business Employers Confederation, Ireland

I met Shelle for the first time ever, at a recent conference in San Francisco, where I had the pleasure of hearing her deliver a keynote. Shelle is one of the best presenters I have encountered in a long time. If you ever get a chance, do pop in on one of her workshops or presentations.
~ Charlie Badenhop, Japan

I consider Shelle to be a genius in how to motivate people using language. Unlike traditional motivational speakers who only appeal to a narrow, “approved” band of human motivation. Shelle incorporates it all.
~ Jay Arthur, USA

I attended Shelle’s keynote on ‘Conversational Coaching.’ The sort of thing you find yourself in with family members and corridor conversations. Absolutely fascinating – a completely different perspective. I have used it several times already.
~ Olive Hickmott, U.K.