Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies

 Every professional sooner or later has to face difficult communications, deal with co-operation issues or conflict in the workplace.

Negotiation professionals face tough adversaries
often without much room to manoeuvre.

In this special, confidential, hands-on tailored program, participants will learn how to

  • Judge situations to determine the appropriate communication goal
  • Identify what is motivating people
  • Use the Bad News Formula to get the hard messages across easier
  • Reduce people’s resistance to change
  • Handle objections, counter attacks and distractions and
  • Avoid the 5 verbal and non-verbal traps in challenging conversations
  • Facilitate the 6 step negotiation process to reach agreements acceptable to all sides.
  • Improve relationships by turning confrontations into conversations.

We will tailor this program to your needs!

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