Words That Change Customers' Minds

Your clients are paying attention to
how you communicate and treat them.

The Great Client Attitude Shift™ has happened!

Your clients and customers don’t want to be told what to do and giving them more information will only go so far.

Organizations also need to understand the psychology of their clients – what will help them or prevent them from becoming or staying a customer.

"The shift in power to the customer is now a certainty,
yet only a few companies know what to do about it. Shelle lays out precisely what is going on and how to think about it."

~Seth Godin, author Tribes

“The difference between a good and a great business is how you treat your customers. A lot of platitudes are used when organizations talk about customer service; this program provides a revolutionary approach and practical structure that will make it happen.”
~ Robbie Steinhouse – CEO of Gray’s Inn Group and NLP School, London, UK

Highlights from Shelle’s highly-appreciated program

  • What’s driving the Great Customer Attitude Shift™ and how to manage it
  • What are the 2 Power Principles that guide every encounter
  • How you can create your own Customer Philosophy for your customers, clients or patients to ensure you attract and treat them the way they want to be treated
  • Decode how your customers, clients and patients actually get motivated think and make decisions
  • Discover if and how your organization discourages your customers, clients and patients
  • Use the Customer Tone Chart© to read and impact your customers’ emotions
  • Learn how to end every transaction to create positive associations and desire to return
  • Design communications based on the hidden Motivation Triggers to attract more customers
  • Discover easy ways to customize your processes to meet each person’s below-conscious needs

Your knowledge about customer cues and ability to translate that for
each audience is absolutely invaluable.
~ Eleanor Reynolds-Barrett Director, Client Strategies, RBC Insurance

“Customers, existing or potential, often cannot articulate what they truly need and want. Shelle uncovers the motivation patterns that drive customer behavior.
This program is an excellent resource for anyone who can influence how customers experience your company and your products.”
~ Joanna Castellano, consumer insights and branding expert, President, Q:Quest Inc.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Track and manage your customer/client/patient’s Motivation Shifts
  • Decide your Customer Philosophy for your practice or organization
  • Learn how to create your own best Customer Transaction Process to ensure the best experience every time
  • Know the 4 steps for dealing with Upset Customers/Clients/Patients

“This program is a constant reminder of just how poorly customers are being treated today and how we can obtain a competitive advantage by treating them well.
It will help you understand and communicate with your customers in a whole new way – and be more successful as a result.”
– Brian Campkin, Director of Sales, Hewlett-Packard Canada

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