Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People

In our online poll, 23% of people said that their biggest communication problem today is caused by someone’s stubborn refusal to entertain other perspectives!

This program enables you to know how to get buy-in from even the most difficult people.

"The "Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People" program was great.
The segment on "formulating your approach" was the clearest,
most sensible "plan" that I have ever seen or heard on this topic,
and I have been in sales for over forty years."
- Spencer Gordon, Maryland, USA

“I was struggling on how to present information to a group of 75 people. Thinking about your program on how to motivate skeptical people, I realized I was planning on using TOWARDS, goal-oriented motivational language; when they really are motivated to move AWAY FROM problems. I switched my language and held their attention through out my presentation.”
~ Frances L. DePonio, MBA, MS, TLLP

In this program you will learn:Skeptical

  • The Skeptical People Process™ to get anyone to listen to you.
  • How to identify and resolve doubts, reservations, and objections.
  • The three points of view crucial to being convincing.
  • How to use common experiences to get your point across.
  • How to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds.
  • Make sure your message passes “The Macho Test.”

“I had a group yesterday and it included two pressed souls and one who was very nervous. I tried out the opening process for Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People. It worked! The two compulsory attendees listened all day (and took part in the exercises). The nervous one …. I saw her visibly relax half way through the intro.”
~ David Forster, Senior Staff Development Trainer, UK

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