Behaviour Change

I don't want to just
do training anymore!

How many times have you or your team
taken a great training program,
and then not managed to implement the ideas?

Shelle has had a very positive working relationship with RBC over the past year and a half. She has delivered expert communications learnings for RBC in support of our brand initiatives, providing key benefits to our organization. She has been particularly helpful in working with our group to understand and respond appropriately to the triggers that motivate our clients' behaviour."
~ Jim Torrance, Director, Brand Strategy, RBC Financial Group

People are too busy!

We don’t want to conduct training that we know won’t make a difference!

Now we are working with clients who want us to help create real behavior change to get results.
And real behavior change doesn’t often happen in a 2 day seminar.

Case Study: In the high-pressure auto parts industry, where the competition is fierce, margins tight; and with the increase in oil prices comes major chemical cost increases, threatening every player in the business. Their sales managers have to negotiate in very tough circumstances to ensure their contracts get signed by their customers.

The stakes are very high.

We designed a customized Success Strategies Behavior Change Process to make sure the sales managers can bring home the bacon. This program works with a carefully-crafted combination of:

  • short bursts of in-person learning,
  • assignments that are embedded in work already being done,
  • group follow-up phone and online coaching, and
  • built-in personal accountability.

The proof is in the pudding!
Contracts signed. Problem solved. Target achieved.

"Shelle, the influencing tools you present, work. You use what you teach. You demonstrate how to reach rapport with people and give my group tools that help them deal with difficult people."
~ Al Gonta, Director, Woodbridge Foam, St.Peters, Missouri

Each program is tailored to your needs.

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Case Study: A client in the wealth management business told us they know their sales need to dramatically improve to match the value of what they have to offer. They have asked us to research the below-conscious motivations of their high value clients, design and implement a sales process based on how their customers think and get motivated and a tracking system to continually improve what they do.

This is being realized over the course of this year. Wouldn’t you rather be in the business of getting real results for your customers, than in the training business? We would! We still offer workshops world-wide to introduce professionals to the skills and tools we use to solve impossible communication problems. Increasingly, we are engaged by organizations to create results that stick.

Each learning program is tailored to your needs.

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