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Shelle Rose Charvet NLPShelle Rose Charvet

Management Consultant, Bestselling author. Forbes has chosen Shelle's Words That Change Minds as the first book on their list of best management books for entrepreneurs and executives.

International Expert on Influencing & Persuasion

LAB Profile(r) Application Developer
Certified Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

(CSP) Certified Speaking Professional

President, Success Strategies

2009 President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Shelle has certified over 700 LAB Profile(r) Consultant/Trainers in 30 countries and has personally trained thousands around the world in influencing and persuading using the LAB Profile(r), Neuro-linguistic Programming and other advanced psychologies.

She has created a number of advanced techniques used to:
enhance rapport, trust, credibility and influence
that enable people to prevent conflicts, avoid stalemates in sales and negotiations
and help everyone get what they need.

She says:

"Have you ever noticed that the more enthusiastic you are, the more skeptical some people become?
People may feel that you are telling them what to think when you are enthusiastic.
Since many prefer to make up their own minds, I suggest using language that invites them to be the decision-maker. Such as: ‘I loved this movie and I’m wondering what you think.’ "

Shelle's first book, Words That Change Minds is an international bestseller,
available in 15 languages. Now on Forbes, Goodreads, Business Insider best books and a number 1 bestseller on Amazon.

Organizations around the world call on her expertise
in below-conscious communication processes;
what drives people to do (or not do) things, outside of their awareness.

Her books, online learning and in-person programs help people figure out:

How to dramatically increase response rate, sales and impact
by leveraging

  • the different ways people think, get motivated and make decisions
  • how to pick up these patterns in conversation and by observing people's behavior
  • the right way to persuade each person, group, organization, large group or in mass communication.

Shelle and her ideas have been seen on CNBC, CBC, CTV, Global, among others.
She helps the public understand the persuasion strategies of politicians and political parties during election campaigns.

Would you like to know how to:

deliver bad news,
open a closed mind,
get someone to call you back, or
stop bullying when it happens?

Check out www.shellestoptips.com for these topics and many others.

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Shelle is bilingual in English and French, fluent in Spanish and learning German. She has been described as “Einstein meets Lucille Ball.” Just look at her hair. Maybe they meant Krusty the Clown.

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Jason Charvet, PMP,
Certified LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer,
Operations and Project Consultant

Jason develops out-of-the-box solutions to operational and process problems, saving his previous company millions of dollars.  He is known to bridge the communication gap between the IT department and functional groups within the organization.

Jason has an impressive track record of successfully planning and implementing medium to large scale organizational transformation projects.  He can help you in creating, leading and developing high performance teams.

As Operations Manager for a Shared Services Department in a large, multi-national organization Jason was frequently selected to lead cross-functional project teams.  Through his strong understanding of Motivational Triggers he was able to guarantee a healthy team environment where all team members’ needs were met.


Chilina Hills
Expert in Charisma and the Language of Leadership

Chilina Hills helps leaders worldwide boost their charisma and their ability to inspire and motivate to get the results they really want.

She is a recognized expert in communication and influencing and has an extensive knowledge of cross cultural issues. She is the author of the best seller “Cultivez votre Charisme” (Cultivate your Charisma) Ed. d’Organisation, and is a renowned coach, trainer and keynote speaker with over 20 years’ experience in Europe, North America and the Middle East. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified Consultant/Trainer in the LAB Profile® .

“Charisma remains mysterious because it is mainly the result
of what you generate in the other, below-conscious level.”
~ Chilina Hills

Expert in the below-conscious impact of communication, Chilina is known for her work applying advanced NLP and LAB Profile® techniques together with the ancient Greek art of Dialectics to challenging leadership situations, such as high stakes presentations, tough negotiations, confrontation. She focuses mainly on developing her clients’ talent to:

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Convince
  • Break down resistance
  • Build trust
  • Generate commitment
  • Deflect hostility and turn it to their advantage

British and French, based in France, she operates worldwide.

Her clients include;

IATA (Canada, Switzerland, USA, Jordan), the CERN (Switzerland), l’Oréal (France), Michelin Tires (France, Hungary), Danone (France, Poland, Spain, USA), Crédit Suisse (Switzerland), Cadbury Schweppes (France, UK), American Invsco (USA), SANOFI Pasteur (Canada), HSBC Private Banking (Switzerland)