Words That Change Minds

“A giant thank you Shelle for a fantastic program. The feedback has been excellent.
I’ve already received emails and calls from the team explaining how they’ve used the material which is probably the best feedback we could get!”
- Steve McGrath, National Vice President, Dynamic Funds

In this highly-interactive program, Shelle introduces the below-conscious
Motivation Triggers™ that drive peoples’ behavior.

This program is based on the LAB Profile® (Language and Behaviour Profile),
a psycho-linguistic tool to help you understand what motivates people
and how to reach them.

Practical applications for living and working with real people.


  • Dramatically improve listening skills by identifying what is motivating the other person
  • Increase your impact by speaking the other person’s language
  • Understand what motivates your clients and colleagues
  • Make your case effectively when presenting or convincing
  • Learn how to adapt your message to fit the person/people
  • Use the words that change minds
  • Find out how to improve communication with your direct colleagues/clients

“The breadth and depth of Shelle’s knowledge is extensive and built on and complemented what I’ve already learned. Shelle established and maintained a positive relationship with the participants. The LAB Profile® is easily transferable to workplace and personal relationships.
~ Jane Murray, New Brunswick Power


  • establish a deeper level of rapport and communication with anyone.
  • take the pain out of implementing organizational change.
  • shorten the sales cycle and helps guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • design powerful and effective marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • hire professionals who are motivated to perform.
  • dramatically improve negotiation and litigation results.
  • adapt training and education programs to satisfy diverse needs.
  • increase self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • simplify personal and career counseling and professional coaching.
  • create high-performance teams by managing people’s strengths (instead of suffering from their weaknesses).


Listen to understand clients’ and colleagues’ needs and signals embedded in their language
Learn the 4 Step Motivating Method™
What to say or not say to have the impact you want
Identify what persuades and what doesn’t
Use the LAB Profile® Motivation Triggers™ to get on the right wave-length with your key clients and colleagues
Learn how converse effectively with skeptical people

Find Out the 6 Motivation Triggers™ from the LAB Profile® that drive people’s behaviour:

  1. The need to take initiative or to reflect.
  2. The values that motivate someone or whole groups.
  3. Problem solving orientation vs. a goal orientation.
  4. Deciding for oneself vs. those influenced by external factors.
  5. Preference for creating alternatives vs. completing and finishing.
  6. Frequency and type of change needed.

Program includes how to

  • Understand the below-conscious elements of communication
  • Know the power of certain words, phrases and behaviour
  • Predict behaviour from the language people use
  • Understand how situations affect people’s motivation and behaviour
  • Avoid making mistakes, recover from bloopers, blunders and faux pas
  • Maximize your Impact
  • Discover the “Words that Change Minds”
  • Communicate with diverse groups

"This was an excellent program- Shelle is superb, she makes the material come alive and goes way beyond expectations."
~ Martin Eldon, Trainer/Facilitator, UK

“A very worthwhile experience. I liked taking the time to step outside the normal business activities, learn and understand some new skills and assess my own behaviour patterns and determine where they can be improved to become a better communicator.”
~ Tim Hunter, VP Quality, The Woodbridge Group, Mississauga, Canada

We will tailor this program to your needs!
Keynote, workshop or a full LAB Profile
® Practitioner program,
adapted to your persuasion challenges.

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