LAB Profile® Group Coach Program

LAB Profile® Group Coach Program
This program is only open to Certified LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainers.

Enhance your prosperity with unique skills.
Become a recognized leader in your area of expertise.
Solve challenges.
Share opportunities.
Improve the world.

Dates: July 30th to August 12th, 2016
Where: Institut Repère, Paris, France
78 Avenue du Général Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris, France
+33 1 43 46 89 25

Only *$2,199 US until June 30, 2016, a savings of $800!
From July 1, 2016, *$2,999 US
*plus travel, lodging etc.

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"It was great to spend time watching you do your thing', Shelle!
It's a privilege to be part of your team.
I got feedback on my coaching skills
, met wonderful new friends,
and renewed the material from a new perspective."

~ Dianne Lowther, NLP and Corporate Trainer, UK

Program Information

Do you want to

  • Improve your training, coaching and facilitation skills
  • Develop your business and your revenue!
  • Take your LAB Profile® knowledge and abilities and implement them in your life at a whole new level
  • Gain insights in below-conscious teaching methodologies
  • Have the opportunity for your own private business development coaching with Shelle
    you will get private feedback from Shelle on your areas of growth potential
  • Share your experience using LAB Profile® with others

Here is your opportunity to learn new skills, grow your areas of expertise and
apply what you learn directly in your work.

The aim of this Group Coaching Program is to create the conditions, so the coaching team will learn new skills, new ways of being and know how to apply this to your work and personal lives. As anyone who has coached on the program before can tell you, it is both demanding and extremely rewarding.


“I have been using these skills to evolve my business in order to have
even more focus on LAB Profile®.  The coaching program program really gives you new and deeper insights and pushes you to a higher level of expertise in the LAB Profile® and I enjoyed working with all those great people.”
- Andreas Plienegger, Austria

Finally, working closely with a group of coaches who shared all their knowledge generously and were lots of fun was terrific. Don’t think about it, just do it, you’ll be glad you did.
The choice is up to you…."
Julie Silfverberg, Ireland

2 Great Options!

Option 1:  Facilitation Coach:
You will facilitate or co-facilitate an Integration Group at the end of each training day to help the participants assimilate their learnings. You will be observing the participants during exercises and giving them feedback and suggestions. You will need excellent English-language skills.

Option 2:  Observation Coach:
You will participate in all coach training, participant observation and feedback and will observe the integration Groups to give the coaches feedback. This option is great if you are challenged in English-language skills.

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It was an honour to work as an Integration Coach on your program. The setup you have designed for Coaches is excellent because it enabled me to hone my LAB Profile® skills and make a quantum leap in my ability to give powerful and highly motivating feedback. It was very special to see the inner-workings of the programme and what it takes to make it such a powerful experience for participants.
What I learnt in those sessions has had an immediate beneficial impact on my own training workshops.
~ David Klaasen, United Kingdom

"I gained insight about how to set up great learning environments and
how different exercises impacted the audience. It is a
great way to get a different perspective on
facilitating people's learning and LAB Profile® Training. Great program!"
~ Dagmar Jungwirth-Aliu, Switzerland

What do you get?

2 days of intensive coach training prior to the program,
a private coaching session with me on the topic of your choice,
feedback to enhance your abilities quickly, and
advanced daily coaching/facilitators training for 10 days,


  • Refreshing and deepening your LAB Profile® knowledge and skills
  • Coaching and participant observation and feedback assignments during the program to hone your abilities
  • Intensive learning for 10 days in a small group directly applied to facilitating your group of participants
  • Coach meetings each evening to review participant progress
  • Daily supervision, mentoring and peer coaching on your group facilitation challenges
  • Work on your learning goals
  • Certification as a LAB Profile® Group Coach.

"Working with Shelle, the other coaches and the whole team of participants has been an incredible experience for me– all three times! When you add all of this “people” stuff to a process and methodology that works, the end result has been a change in the way I conduct my business which has yielded excellent personal and professional results. And . . . . there is still a great deal of untapped potential to be explored. I have attended many, many training programs, but none of them have had an impact on the participants like this one. Congratulations and please keep this going for a long time to come."
~ Nancy Klepper, New Jersey, USA

 "It's a fantastic program! You will gain in efficiency and not have to worry about your skills. I was able to revisit the LAB Profile®, step back and zoom out as a coach,
receive training hints and gather helpful feedback."
~ Christophe Garcia de Nicolas, trainer, France

 "It was a very special two weeks, a fantastic group of coaches and participants and of course Shelle, you were wonderful! Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious."
~ Mark Thompson, trainer, United Kingdom

What’s in it for you to do the LAB Profile® Group Coaching Program?

  • The best feedback and coaching you have ever had
  • A team of peers who will push and support you to learn what is important to you
  • Private coaching with Shelle
  • Opportunity to re-think your career directions in this new economy!
  • Learning to teach/facilitate/present at several levels of consciousness
  • Facilitate exquisite learning experiences for your participants
  • LAB Profile review and Advanced Skills Applications
  • Coaching techniques to help integration of learning
  • State Management Facilitation Techniques
  • Leadership and Group Management Strategies
  • Giving and receiving Precision Feedback
  • Learning large and small group facilitation techniques
  • Learning evaluation methodologies
  • Make significant progress on your own personal and professional goals

And much, much more!

"Being on the Coach Program, gave me a whole lot of value. Even though I use and teach the LAB Profile® almost on a daily basis, it has put me on a higher level as a trainer and consultant. 
I also improved my skills on group management.
Since Shelle is amazing in controlling her own states 
and motivating groups and individuals, there is a lot to learn here.
Shelle is really "living" the LAB Profile®, and that inspires me a lot.
Apart of all the great learning, it was simply SO MUCH FUN. I learn so much more when I can have a good laugh, and I had lots of that with the participants, the other coaches AND Shelle.
I wish for you all to have this experience."
~ Anne Piper, trainer, Denmark

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Let me know if you have any questions and please tell me if you are interested in being a coach!  [email protected]