LAB Profile® Master Consultant
A unique opportunity to
change your business and your life!

With Shelle Rose Charvet

This program is open only to certified LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer graduates.

Dates: September 19 to 25, 2016
Venue: Hotel Caprice, Marina di Massa, Tuscany, Italy (100 metres from the beach!)

“Well-designed and business-oriented training, which contains a host of the tools needed to promote your activity. Shelle has a deep level of knowledge and expertise, superb presentation and effective communication skills. I really liked the LAB Profile® Avatar of your ideal customer, the Pitch Structure and the Press Response Structure which will be of great help in promoting my business.”
~ Luca Biotti, Ranco, Italy

This program gives you the advantage of being clearer about yourself and your business. I really enjoyed this course and feel I have progressed hugely thanks to your expertise. Thank you!”
~ Rosie O’Hara, Aberdeen, Scotland

“This program packs in a great deal of deep learning, and builds your confidence, skill and real expertise!  I learned problem solving at all levels and moving up to
higher level problem solving with strategic thinkers.
I enjoyed the business development
using all the technology and social networking media.”
~ Neil Henderson, UK

Early Registration Extended!!
Before June 30, 2016         –   only $4,497 US – $500 savings.
From July 1st, 2016 - $4997 US

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Master trainer

Great program! I like the references and examples from real people and situations. I recommend this program as you will get new and different strategies to improve your business and take it to the next level."
~ Annie Drolet, Québec City, Canada

Fun, interesting and useful as always. I got a deeper knowledge, insights and business development.
~ Andreas Plienegger, Woellersdorf, Austria

"Wow! I am so happy I took this program. Shelle is the best trainer I know!"
~ Annemarie Stamkötter, Germany

This advanced program is designed so that you can:

  • Enhance your prosperity
  • Become a recognized leader in your area of expertise
  • Solve challenges
  • Share opportunities
  • Improve the world

Learn how to have corporate clients seek you out, while minimizing your effort.

Learn new business models that increase your value to your clients and your revenue!

  1. Discover how to get journalists to interview you so that you become a recognized expert in your field. This "free publicity" is priceless. I will show you how I do it!
  2. Get potential clients to come to you by embedding what you can do for them in the interviews you get.

Reserve your place with full payment
Reserve your place with a deposit

“A lot of information and multiple ways of earning a lot of money and changing lives at the same time. I love the structure; we had a lot of practice and the chance to learn from others too. Great learning environment. Shelle I love the way you walk your talk; you always speak for different patterns. I recommend this program as you will get new business opportunities and world class skills and great support group.”
~ Monica Ion, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Great as usual, sad it’s finished! This program is very practical, helps a lot on actually doing things in real life. Thank you for all the tips and being a live example of what you teach.”
~ Pascaline Mercier, Paris, France

“The program was at a very high level with lots of advanced exercises and the high level of participation was very appreciated.  Shelle was very professional, well organized and entertaining.  She gave us a wonderful learning experience!”
~ Yukari Horiguchi, Japan

I have clients who paid me more than $100,000 for less than 40 hours work and they are very happy to do so!

When you solve problems that are so big, your clients won’t care how much your fee is.
In this program find out how to attract this kind of client to you.
Do great work that is appreciated, and make a fortune.
Your clients will tell others how wonderful you are and send you more of the same kind of clients.

But if you are still charging for your time, your income will always be limited. There are not enough hours in the day and never enough days in the year,

unless you have a process to attract clients who will pay you for the value of your work.

This is why I created the LAB Profile® Master Consultant Program. Over the years I have helped many corporate clients get dramatically better results and solve critical problems and I make a lot of money doing this. And I want you to do it too.

This program shows you exactly how to do take your business to a higher level.
I responded to one crisis situation in the news, which launched my second book and brought in $200,000 in revenue with only one client.

“This program was tight, packed, fun and career-changing! Once again it was a ball. It’s brilliant that you draw on such a deposit of examples from your consulting career. Anyone taking this program would gain focus, structure and a plan to make your next year or two massively interesting, engaging and profitable.”
~ Neil Henderson, Gloucestershire, UK

“This is the best program in positioning oneself in a business field. +++ training and group exercises. +++++ fun and very valuable. I recommend this program as it will save you time in building your business and in improving your credibility in your field.”
~ Véronique Brottier, Paris, France

”Just what I needed. Took me to a higher level and game me more confidence in applying and teaching the LAB Profile® and how to build it into my business.”
~ Merilyn Parker-Armitage, UK

“Because many of the exercises were based on Shelle’s actual cases and general issues and events, we gained very realistic knowledge.  I can use this immediately in my business .”
~ Nina Tsuchiya, Tokyo, Association Representative Director

Our hosts, Donate & Graham

Our hosts, Donate & Graham


Program highlights

  1. Identify opportunities for high revenue generation activities – high revenue, low time investment, charging for value not time, make your fee irrelevant.
  2. Learn what’s new in advanced LAB Profile® applications.
  3. Learn to use your skills and advanced LAB Profile understandings to deliver high-value problem-solving to your corporate clients.
  4. Learn the 3 P’s: Position, Present and Persuade to increase your value to your customer and generate more business.
  5. Use mainstream and new media to enhance your visibility and attract the right clients.
  6. Do work that changes people’s lives and that really matters.
  7. Apply LAB Profile® to solve complex communication issues.
  8. Plan the next steps of your business leap forward.

"This program has given me a launching pad for developing this more in my business. Shelle has unflagging energy, she presents well thought out content that is
well-framed with good group management and characteristic humour.
A very worthwhile program to take LAB Profile® skills to the next level."
~ Ellen Moran, US

Here’s what you will get from the LAB Profile® Master Consultant:

  1. Re-ignite and sharpen your LAB Profile® and consulting skills.
  2. Identify your ideal target market of clients who need and want your skills.
  3. Learn how to capitalize on the difference your LAB Profile® skills make.
  4. Avoid the trap of getting paid for your time.
  5. Work with the media to become a recognized expert and a media darling.
  6. Find out how to use free presentations to generate a large number of qualified prospective customers.
  7. Solve important problems of high value and high revenue.
  8. Change and adjust your business model to generate the kind of income you have always wanted.
  9. Create a long list of happy clients who refer you others just like them.
  10. Hone your presentation skills to attract the right kind of clients.
  11. Laugh, have fun and take your business to where you always wanted!
  12. Future-proof your business to succeed no matter what.

“Tools, information, LAB Profile® on a higher level. This has widened my horizons in how I can be even more successful. Very good structure. Very good time management.”
~ Regina Simon, Woellersdorf, Austria

“The program was relevant, practical and a perfect mix of content and application.  I will model Shelle’s strategy for application of knowledge, and decoding in customer projects.”
~ Anneli Blundell, Australia

Day by Day Program Content

Day One Re-igniting the Flame:
Goals, Implementation Groups, Combinations
Day Two Interactions for Personal Change: Exploring Different Coaching Processes
Day Three Facilitating Group and Team Change: Motivating Groups, Behaviour Change for Diverse Groups
Day Four Your Customer’s Customers, Decoding a Successful Campaign,Research Design, Direct Marketing,
Day Five Make Your Fee Irrelevant,
Advanced Negotiation, The LAB Profile® of Buying Cycles,
High Value/High Fee Projects
Day Six Presentations that Pay, Pitch and Persuade,
Selling when you must not “sell”,
Solving Impossible Problems
Day Seven Take it to Market;
Secrets of Social Media Success
Your Natural Market, Positioning for Value,
Press Response Structure,
Grand Finale and Celebration

“Great program and a great trainer! Grateful to be here! World-class content. It’s a great way to refresh the LAB Profile® know-how and go to the next level!”
~ Stefan Irimia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“An outstanding program from an outstanding person.  The way you present, share, teach the program and how you respect us in our individuality is mind boggling.
It is the simplicity and your humour that makes the results we achieve so deep.” 

~ Andreas Dorn, Malaysia

"We learned how to solve complicated organizational issues and how to guide someone for their personal transformation. We could also actually feel the huge potential of LAB Profile® and see how Shelle, as an expert, creates the future possibility of it.
And most of all, it was fun with laughter every day!
~ Natsuko Sakamoto, Business Leader, Hiroshima, Japan

I hope you will full advantage of this opportunity to advance your life and:

  • Enhance your prosperity
  • Become a recognized leader in your area of expertise
  • Solve challenges
  • Share opportunities
  • Improve the world

“This program was like an experience of coming close to the true nature of all matters and people. It made me feel the urge to solve all the problems of the world.
Shows how I am an ‘Away From’ person, doesn’t it?
~ Shigeki Nozawa, Japan

“The program was great, excellent; it exceeded my expectations; a must!  I learned many, many real life useful applications.  Shelle is in top form, a great model!  Wow!  I will expand my business to the next level!  Keep it up!  Be the lighthouse to the world.”
~ MD Taib bin Mat, Malaysia

Please email me directly with any questions: [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you in Marina di Massi with all of us!