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We’ve compiled this list of professional and personal development links to offer you additional resources relating to communication, influencing and persuasion skills (a few on this list are included just because they offer fun or interesting unrelated topics). At the time we visited them each of these websites contained professional and personal development information we considered appropriate and of interest to our clients and friends.

Please let us know if you come across any other sites that you think belong here, or if you feel any of these websites is no longer relevant.

Guide on Handling Coughs and Colds in the Elderly
The guide contains plenty of valuable information such as:
-Important information about colds and flu, why elderly people are at a higher risk of infection, and how influenza and the common cold can lead to more serious health complications in older adults.
-Key information on how to spot the signs and symptoms of flu, the different types of infections, and the importance of identifying and treating symptoms early.
-Useful tips and advice on preventive measures to help keep the elderly from catching colds and flu.
-Helpful online resources and tools for caregivers and families to help elderly loved ones stay safe and healthy against coughs and colds.

Online Life Coach: The Complete 2020 Guide
The most comprehensive guide to life coaching online by Bijan Kholghi.

Financial Analyst Insider
Financial Analyst Insider was created by Lou Haverty, CFA as a resource for aspiring finance and accounting professionals to advance their careers. Lou has over 16 years of experience in commercial banking in various roles including middle market capital markets and portfolio management.

Renewal Technologies Inc.
Roger Ellerton, PhD is a Certified Management Consultant and the author of seven books, of which six are on various aspects of NLP.  He has written over 70 NLP-based articles that you can access on his website.  He is also a certified NLP trainer and offers NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training.

New NLP Wiki Page
The Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM)
This is the North American home of the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM), the most powerful and versatile tool available to understand why people do what they do in the context of work!

NLP Coaching Australia
The NLP Meta Coaching model gets measurable results fast.  Personal coaching and transformational coaching for people at all levels of business. Get your business on track and achieve success at the highest level. Stress management programs for individuals and groups. State management. Develop confidence in public speaking to a group whether that be on stage, at a meeting, to the press or in the board room. Get a handle on fear, anxiety and panic attacks with NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation. Learn how to get to sleep naturally. Contact Abby Eagle Gold Coast Australia.

Keynote Speaker -Doug Dvorak is a professional motivational speaker for business offering laughter programs that combine an inspirational message with humor. Doug Dvorak uses unique topics and humorous presentation to encourage listeners to excel and achieve personal and business success.

LifeMaxx International
Founded by Jennifer Rahman, international life coach and management performance coach in 2005. At LifeMaxx International, we help individuals discover their potential for positive change, turning weaknesses into strengths and obstacles into opportunities. Click here to learn more

Worldwide Certification in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Learn EFT to use for yourself, family & friends or to a professionally recognised Practitioner Level. All courses and certifications are approved through AAMET . Marie is a qualified Trainer of Trainers with  The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques which is one of the few associations Worldwide to offer recognised certification in EFT. She is also the official Representative for AAMET in Spain and is a member of their Training Committee Team. Courses are held regulalrly throughout the year at all levels to suit all needs. Marie also offers on going support and mentoring following her courses. Testimonials available.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions by Skype
EFT offers ‘instant’ relief from anxiety related to public speaking, confidence, self esteem and all related personal skills including sports performance and the arts.  EFT or ‘tapping’ as it is more commonly known is a cousin to acupuncture where tapping gently with fingers on selected acupoints starts to clear out any blocked negative emotions in our energy system. A balanced body has the ability to heal itself. Many celebrities and sports people use EFT to realise their true ambitions and overcome the fears that impede progress. Sessions can be held esily by Skype. Marie has worked with many people to increase their well being and state of mind offering results within a short time. Marie was introduced to EFT many years ago following  a double brain hemorrhage where the medical world couldn’t offer any help. She lost her confidence, couldn’t work, had severe nausea & dizziness, following 2 days of using EFT she recovered and uses it every day.Now a leading world expert in EFT having been a Guest Presenter at EFT Masterclass 2009 and a Trainer of Trainers in this technique and says you can use EFT to help with anything from serious illness, surrogately with animals, pain management to anxiety issues. Contact Marie for a complimentary consultation at no obligation.
Qualifizierte Aus- und Weiterbildung im Language & Behaviour Profile, Zertifizierungskurse und Formate für die praktische Anwendung im Kontext von Personalwirtschaft, Kundendienst und Internet Marketing in deutscher Sprache.

Qualified training in Language & Behaviour Profile. Certification programs and business applications in German
If you are looking for other types of training, check out the directory of real estate training seminars

Marriage and Family Counseling
Marriage and family therapist and coach, providing couples’ counseling, individual therapy, and life coaching.  My practice is focused on helping individuals and couples transform their relationships and create fulfilling and joyful lifestyles. Email [email protected]

Therapy Courses
Complimentary therapies, Find local qualified complimentary therapist, Therapy Courses, acupuncturist, complimentary therapies UK, hypnotherapist
Centre de formation agréé NLPNL à Nantes
Bertrand Hénot Enseignant certifié en PNL
Pour mieux communiquer avec les autres et avec soi même dans une logique de coopération
Formation PNL, Hypnose, Ennéagramme, EMDR
Et la sociocratie pour favoriser l’intelligence collective et la coopération dans les organisations.

Conference and Entertaining Keynote Speakers, Hire Guest Speaker
Motivational speakers bureau offering celebrity speakers, top keynote speakers including female, sports, and motivational guest speakers.

Self Improvement from is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Maximum Success Seminars – John Santangelo
Sales Training, Communication Skills Workshops, NLP Training/Certification Programs, Maximum Success Seminars, Professional Speaker and Seminar Leader.

Motivational Speaker – Doug Dvorak
Motivational Humorous Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Humorous Speaker speaks across America! Doug Dvorak, Motivational Humorous Speaker is ready to bring his talents to help your business. The best motivational humorous speaker with a twist.
Site by Andrew T. Austin covering many articles on NLP, Neurology and Psychiatry. Andrew is a former neurological nurse based in Chichester with a specialist interest in schizophrenia.

NLP Partners
NLP Partners offers a wide range of NLP training and coaching programs that range from basic introduction to NLP and personal discovery sessions to NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainers Training. We have four highly qualified NLP trainers/coaches with experience in coaching (personal and business), business start-up, family business, senior management in private and public companies, education and personal growth and evolution. We are also the designers and authors of NLP books, CDs and videos.
Introduces the essentials for enhancing charisma, based on the book of the same name, published by Pearson Education. Many resources for visitors and a rich source of relevant links

Orsini Photography
Art School ’86 – ’91, Opened Studio 1994, First Digital Capture 1994, PDN Photo Annual, Archive, CA, Kelly Awards, Sushi Lover, Warped Sense of Humor, Look at the Ads But Don’t Read The Magazines, 22 Megapixel Digital Back, 22 Handicap, All Work is Personal Work, Snowboard Don’t Ski, Fanatic for Details, Go RedSox, The Yankees Suck, 1995 Von Strasser Cabernet

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

Kendall/Hunt is the publisher of my books “Words That Change Minds” and “The Customer is Bothering Me”

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) General Information Site
The largest site of non-biased NLP articles as well as databases of practitioners and trainers throughout the United States and the world.

Cynthia Becker’s Quality Choices
Visit a truly gifted psychic and certified NLP trainer. Cynthia has a uniquely practical and down to earth approach to psychic ability. Her healing skills and teaching abilities have won her international recognition. Cynthia receives calls from people from all parts of the world seeking her answers and guidance. Numerous training centers across North America have brought Cynthia to their city to teach her principles: Toronto, ON – Houston, TX – Ottawa, ON – Island Park, ID – St. Louis, MO – Oklahoma City, OK – Chicago, IL – New York, NY – Salt Lake City, UT – Grand Island, FL.

JobEQ brings you tools to support your use of LAB Profile technology in the areas of recruiting, teambuilding, coaching and outplacement. JobEQ vous offre les outils pour faciliter votre utilisation de la technologie LAB Profile dans le domaine des ressources humaines (coacher, recruter, construire une équipe,…)

Directory of NLP Resource
A resource list of trainers, coaches, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors who use NLP as part of their practice.

NLP Research Data Base
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Research Data Base/Banquede données de la recherche en PNL.

Sources Select Online (SSO) serves journalists and others with serious information needs.

Association of NLP in Great Britain.

NLP Comprehensive
A team of some of the most skilled trainers and developers of NLP in the world, NLP Comprehensive offers NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings and has an extensive product line of books, audios and videos.

NLP Information Center
The NLP Information Center provides a non-biased listing of where to find NLP resources on the web and in the world.

The NLP Center of New York
The NLP Center of New York promotes the ongoing study of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. The site has articles, workshop and training descriptions and schedules, trainer bios, and a bookstore.

Sue Knight
Sue Knight is an International consultant, trainer and coach. She is author of the best selling book NLP at Work. Sue pioneered the use of NLP in the workplace in the U.K. and continues to run NLP Business certification programs throughout the world.

The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Inc.
An educational, scientific, and professional organization dedicated to professionalizing the mental health specialty/sub-specialty of hypnotherapy.

Enhanced Healing Through Music – Dr. Harry Henshaw
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counselling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

RaVisie, Bas and Ben Licher
Bas and Ben Licher are organizing the shortest, funniest and the absolute best NLP trainings in The Netherlands. The only NLP in English institute in the Netherlands.

FREE Resources for HR Managers, Supervisors, and Employees. *Free Employee Morale and Confidence Assessments *Free Newsletter, and Morale Boosters. A fun site.

Genesis II On-line Catalog
Genesis II publishes audio seminars on NLP, Hypnosis, Living Metaphors and the Feldenkrais Method. Founded in 1985 by Al Wadleigh.

NLP Centres Canada
NLP Centres Canada offers a full range of NLP-based training opportunities including NLP certification at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels.

Competence Strategies International
Specialists in designing and delivering NLP-based training, consulting and coaching programmes for individuals and organizations.

Communication, Voice & Body Language Training Courses
Communication, Voice & Body Language Training courses, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking training from Skillstudio in London and throughout the UK and Europe.

Short Burst Learning
The Short Burst Learning Company was developed by Bill Torregrossa as a result of a learning need in his own family. Short Burst Learning is a revolutionary, interactive method of learning designed to address the growing demand for a faster, more efficient way to learn.

Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills from Minds Tools – Discover the leader within you.
Experience full immersion in a new culture by enrolling in a program to study abroad in Italy.

Sales Motivational Speaker
Kim Marcille is a successful entrepreneur and a renowned speaker and business consultant. An expert in designing strategies, she helps her clients with successful business and sales strategies.

Technical Schools
The directory features quick and easy searching and browsing to help technical students find quality technical instruction.

Cambridge Hypnotherapy
Paul, Luke and Joseph Clough – Combining their passion and expertise in hypnotherapy using hypnosis with advanced levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy ™ they have accelerated their competence to a level rarely found in the therapeutic or self-improvement community

Personal Coaching to Create the Life of your Dreams
Rebecca Hulse – Life Coach, Dream Lover, Speaker and Dancer – coaches dreamers looking for a different version of reality 1-1 from the Caribbean Ocean. Her free ebook L.I.F.E. for Dreamers Everywhere shows the start of a journey to a more fulfilled life exactly the way you want it is available at

How To Improve Your Self-Motivation
Leanne Hall, a life coaching and counselling columnist, explains the psychology of motivation plus some expert tips to find your motivation again if it's disappeared.

Life Coach Spotter                                                                                                                                           Life Coach Spotter is helping anyone who’s looking for the right life coach for them, to find an amazing match. Their mission is help people grow in all areas of their life, and to live the life of their dreams.

Soft Skills List
A comprehensive list of the 28 soft-skills that are essential to career success.

PMTC offers training classes for a wide range of industries and government agencies. All of their instructors are experienced and certified and understand that each person needs an individualized approach when it comes to training.

SelfImprovement.Org publishes in-depth guides that help people live a happy, prosperous and harmonious life.

Family Nurse Practitioners
Family Nurse is the top guide for finding a Family Nurse Practitioner programs and careers online.

Nursing Degree Guide
One of the most prolific nursing education resources on the web.

The Recovery Village
An organization dedicated to providing the best treatment possible to those struggling with co-occurring disorders.

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