Advanced Communication Strategies 

If your team needs:

  • the ability to quickly establish rapport and credibility,
  • negotiation, confrontation/conflict resolution skills,
  • to read body language and verbal cues of others, and
  • to be able to get co-operation in an environment where everyone is very busy,

 then this program can be tailored for your environment!

Program highlights

  • Standing Still or Moving Ahead: Shifting from Blame Frame to Outcome Frame for solving problems easily and quickly.
  • You Can Lead a Horse to Water: The 3 keys to creating rapport & credibility with anyone.
  • Exceptional Problems/Exceptional Solutions: What to do when something really goes wrong.
  • Dealing with anger & lack of co-operation by meeting the emotional needs first.
  • Creating positive associations for your customers.

We will tailor this program to your needs!

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