Recent Projects


Shelle and her team have been asked by clients around Europe, North America and Asia to:

  • Rewrite or create marketing pieces and sales processes for
    organizations using the below-conscious motivation triggers
    of their customers and potential customers.
  • Create learning programs for high-stakes negotiations
    and high-stake presentations
    in the auto parts and high tech industries.
  • Re-position product and services to enable companies to
    compete with much larger organizations.
  • Teach leaders and managers how to motivate and inspire their teams.
  • Show financial services professionals how to
    adapt to each individual client.
  • Assist in recruiting key executive positions.
  • Teach managers, team leaders and contact centre professionals influencing strategies to deal with upset customers and create customer loyalty.
  • Train front-line government employment centre staff in
    handling upset and potentially violent clients.
  • Help experienced account directors
    negotiate long-term multi-million dollar contracts
    with their hard-to-handle customers.
  • Train labor negotiators, one group of whom obtained
    the first five-year agreement in the history of their company,
    avoiding an expected strike.
  • Help IT, financial and service companies
    redesign marketing, sales and service strategies to
    meet the deep unspoken needs of their customers.