The Customer is Bothering Me is here!


How to Change Attitudes, Improve Results and Grow Your Bottom Line

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This book is based on my Words That Change Minds Power Principles:

Everything you do influences the emotional state of your customer. Everything you do determines what the customer believes about your company.

Shelle Rose Charvet

Why do people really do what they do?
What do you need to do now to avoid losing customers and your best staff?
How can you get your whole organization to understand and manage what your customers feel?

What if you had a better way to deal with angry customers?

The Customer is Bothering Me will show you how to:

  • Decode how your customers actually think and make decisions
  • Find out the real reasons why organizations mismanage their customers’ experience
  • Create a Customer Philosophy that gets and keeps customers
  • Navigate The Great Customer Attitude Shift
  • Enable your front-line ready to handle any customer
  • Learn why an apology is never enough
  • Deal with upset customers to create enduring loyalty
  • Discover the new rules for mass marketing and direct marketing
  • Implement strategies that to have customers buy more sooner

Demonstrating you comprehend your customers is enormously profitable.
The risk of not doing so is hazardous to your corporate health.

What are the BIG three takeaways from the book?

  1. Create your Customer Philosophy to sell more
  2. Implement the best Customer Transaction Process
  3. Solve issues with the Upset Customer Process

More Highlights

  • Discover how your organization discourages customers
  • Find out the 4 factors that create The Great Customer Attitude Shift that is so hard to handle
  • Implement a customer philosophy that all staff can follow to create customer loyalty
  • Use the Customer Tone Chart© to read and impact your customers’ emotions
  • Learn how to end every transaction to create positive associations and desire to return
  • Design communications based on the hidden Motivation Triggers to attract more customers
  • Discover easy ways to customize your processes to meet each customer’s below-conscious needs

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