Have you responded to the GREAT CUSTOMER ATTITUDE SHIFT?

Have you responded to the GREAT CUSTOMER ATTITUDE SHIFT?

As you have probably already noticed, customers have become very difficult to deal with. They now demand products and services of perfect quality, are unwilling to put up with complicated purchasing processes, and want anything that doesn’t work to be fixed immediately at no cost to them. They are quick to jump on any mistakes, will give customer service staff a hard time and will even play one supplier off another to get the best deal. And they want more for less.

Think about your own attitude when you are the customer. How do you feel when you don’t get the quality or timeliness you need? How do you react when one of your suppliers wastes your time when you return shoddy merchandise?

The great customer attitude shift has happened! Customers have become highly Internal to their suppliers. While your company may be spending time and money developing the best products and services for your clients, this may no longer be enough. You will also have to adapt your language and processes to meet the needs of people who take everything you say only as information for them to consider. Notice the skepticism with which clients scoff at your claims to be the best. “Prove it “, they insist, (to their satisfaction).

To sell and provide customer service to people who have an Internal pattern, you need to give them information and let them decide. For all the information you need to decide, call us . Or, I would like you to try it out and tell me what you think. The only way to know if this is the one for you, is to test it out for yourself. That is why car dealerships insist on getting the prospective buyer behind the wheel.

What can your company do about all those tough customers?

There are several solutions! Teach your sales and customer service reps to understand the triggers that motivate your customers and use the right Influencing Language for maximum impact. Do your customers demand an immediate solution to their problems? Use moving Away From language so they don’t get annoyed while you fix their problem. Are your customers asking for straight-forward processes to get what they need? Show them the right procedure and speak in Procedures language.

Success Strategies can conduct the market research you need to diagnose what your customers are really asking for, help you design your marketing materials, and train your staff on how to guarantee continued happy customers. We can show you how to set up systems to ensure you get the input you need from customers and end users; so that you will have an on-going means to adapt to their changing needs.

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