Customer Service FROM Customers!

I had emailed my friend Wendy to let her know I was going to take the early train to Toronto and wanted to know if that was the train she would be on, so that we could sit together. I didn’t hear from her and assumed she had already left.

About 10 minutes from our destination, my phone rang and it was Wendy. She was on the train and we tried to figure if we were near each other. That didn’t work so we attempted to chose a place in Union Station where we could meet up after getting off the train.

Just then a tall, grinning man tapped me on the shoulder from behind and said, “All of us are listening to 2 sides of your conversation.”

I turned around to see half of the car looking at me, smiling and laughing. And way at the back, the crowd parted, and there was Wendy sitting down, talking to me on her phone.

As I made my way to the back, one grinning woman said: “Usually we only here one side of a conversation.”

Wasn’t that great customer service from my fellow and sister commuters?

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1 thought on “Customer Service FROM Customers!

  1. Winnie Liu

    That was absolutely hilarious! I love stories like this that actually happen in real life. The people on the train were really nice to let you know that both of you were on the same train! How many people would go out of there way to inform somebody that they were already on the same train, bus or plane as their friend?


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