Airline Industry Unprepared for Winter!

It is an outrage that once again the airline industry in Europe and around the world was not ready for a winter storm….. at Christmas time! Why isn’t the world press outraged?

Customer Service was abismal as passengers waited for days on floors, campbeds, some without food or water. One stranded passenger commented on CNN news that it looked like a refugee camp.

Instead of merely reporting on the failure to provide the basic necessities, why aren’t the media telling the real story? The industry is waiting for disasters to happen and THEN figuring out what to do about it!

Heathrow runs out of de-icing fluid? What? In the winter?
Passengers can’t find out what they should do? What? No emergency plan to get them food and hotel rooms?

This is an outrage!

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Checkout the airline websites: Try to find a place where you can talk to a person to complain —- doesn’t exist! You can write a letter or send an email but to whom??
Why don’t the airlines declare their intent on how they will take care of their passengers? Where is their promise to their customers?
Failure of service in the airline industry is not like taking your stereo back to the store when it doesn’t work.
The Stress Factor of being stranded with nowhere to stay and the difficulty of finding something to eat makes passengers very vulnerable.

Passengers should start a class action suit and take the industry to court!

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