Words That Change Minds in the New Reality – Webinar Summary

Hi Everyone,

It was great to have so many people participating on the webinar! 250!

Here is the PowerPoint Summary for the Webinar.
WTCM in the New Reality PowerPoint summary

And here is the video recording, Enjoy!

Please leave your comments on the webinar on the link at the top of this page.

9 thoughts on “Words That Change Minds in the New Reality – Webinar Summary

  1. Andreas Dorn

    Thanks Shelle. While I couldn’t make it to the live webinar, I totally enjoyed the replay. You were your usual self – awesome, funny, sharing, inspiring and simply ….

    I mean it, because even so I learned the LAB Profile many years ago (I think it was 2007, right?), I can learn something from you, any time, I read your blog entries, get your emails or watch a video.

    Thanks again,


  2. Robert

    Hi Shelle,
    I enjoyed watching your webinar and look forward to crossing paths whenever that may be. I like the structure and process of the Lab and like that you deliver in a way that everyone can relate and apply. You are awesome!

  3. Monica

    Dear Shelle,
    Thank you very much for your webinar, the recording and for sharing your PowerPoint presentation. I found the information very thought provoking.


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