I am so sad. Je suis si triste.

(français au fond)
I’m writing you from Berlin, getting ready to go to Paris later this week.

I’m so sad about the wars and bombings over the last few months, ….. years! It’s heart-breaking to see what is happening to so many people in so many places. And now again in my old neighbourhood in Paris.

I’m so glad that I belong to communities of people who work and life to improve people’s lives — this is what is important to remember every day. How can I contribute and make things better?

When I get home, I will be contributing to helping Syrian refugees come to Canada.
I hope you also will continue to contribute to making this world a better place.

Je vous écris de Berlin, et je me prépare à aller à Paris plus tard cette semaine.

Je suis si triste à propos des guerres et les attentats au cours des derniers mois, ….. et dernières annés! Il est navrant de voir ce qui se passe à tant de gens dans tant d’endroits. Et maintenant à nouveau dans mon ancien quartier de Paris.

Je suis heureuse que que je appartienne à des communautés de personnes qui travaillent et vivre pour améliorer la vie d’autrui — ceci est ce qui est important de se rappeler tous les jours. Comment puis-je améliorer les choses?

Quand je rentre à la maison, je vais contribuer à aider les réfugiés syriens venont au Canada.
Je souhaite également que tu peux continuer à contribuer à faire de ce monde un endroit meilleur.

Your friend / ton amie,

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  1. Susan

    So sad too but the answer for those refugees is not to be transported to another alien country but to assist them in helping to stop the war in their country and help bring about peace and remover the war mongers…. Just imagine for a minute Canada had this situation that is taking place in Syria and I wonder would you want to leave your country and say become a refugee in say Saudi Arabia assimilate into their alien culture no longer being able to enjoy the benefits and freedom of your country of origin? The answer is work with people who want to stop this war….


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