But this is just for new customers

“Hello Ma’am, I would like to talk to you today about a special deal for Bell Internet, TV and home phone service.”

“That’s great. I’m a Bell customer and I’d love a special deal.”

“You’re a Bell Customer?”

“Yes. And I’d really like the special deal.”

“You’re a Bell Customer?”

“Yes I just said that. And I don’t want the normal price. I’d like the special deal you just mentioned.”

“What price are you presently paying?”

“I don’t know. It’s on my bill which is not in front of me at the moment.”

“What is the price you are paying?”

“Just the normal price I suppose. What is the special deal?”

“But it’s just for new customers.”

“I am a customer and I would like the special deal too.”

“You will have to call the office to find out.”

“But you called me, offering me the special deal. And that’s what I’d like.”

“I am going to have to hang up now.”

“Surely this is being recorded and I would like Bell to know that I’d like the special deal even though I’m a customer.”



“Is anyone there? No special deal for me?”

This just happened to me a few minutes ago. If this is what happens to you or in your company check out my new book: The Customer is Bothering Me. www.TheCustomerisBotheringMe.com


4 thoughts on “But this is just for new customers

  1. Winnie Liu

    Unbelievable! But had a rather interesting one today:

    Me: Yes, a few days ago, I called regarding my debit card and at the time, I told the customer service representative that I didn’t want to activate my account yet. She let me know that when I was ready, to just call and they would get my card activated the very same day.

    CSR: What is your checking account number?

    Me: (gave checking account information)

    CSR: What is your Debit card number:

    Me: (gave card number)

    CSR: Ma’am, this card shows that it has been reported as stolen or lost last year in October.

    Me: Yes, I am aware of that, but have since received a new card. The number I just gave you is the card I received in November of last year to replace the one that was lost.

    CSR: No. That is not accurate. The information I have here is that card number that you gave me is cancelled.

    Me: Okay, there must have been a mistake somewhere. I have to have access to my debit account today because I have to pick up a prescription that I really need.

    CSR: I will order you a new card and you should be getting it in five to ten business days.

    Me: Wait, I was told the last time that I called, that I could activate this very same card with this number in one day. Sir, I really need to have access to my funds as I am without my medication.

    CSR: You will get your card in five to ten business days.

    Me: (scoffing) yeah, like I’ll still be alive by then.

  2. Shelle Rose Charvet

    I can’t believe it! Today I received another phone call from Bell from someone who barely spoke English to offer me a special deal on Bell internet phone, internet and TV services. But only for new customers! Again!

    Bell Canada! Are you listening??

  3. Di Tunney

    Love it ! and to which I would add…..

    ‘Hello this is Capital One you’re through to….
    ‘Hello, I’m calling to ask why you’ve just written to me to say that you’ve put my APR up to 34% ??
    ‘It’s the difficult economic climate I’m afraid!’
    ‘But I’ve been a customer with you for a long time’
    ‘Yes I can see that’
    ‘and I’m up to date with my payments’
    ‘Yes you’re a very good customer’
    ‘So why are you putting my APR up to 34%?
    ‘ There are a couple of things that you can do if you don’t want to pay it’
    ‘Which are?’
    ‘You could freeze your account’
    ‘Which means…?’
    You pay it off at the current APR but you won’t be able to use your card any more …..’
    ‘Great! Any other options?’
    ‘Yes you could pay the account off in full now’
    ‘and how would you suggest I do that !!!???’
    ‘Well you could take out a credit card with another company offering a lower rate and pay it off with that’
    ‘OooooooK so let me get this straight…..this is what you offer your ‘GOOD’ customers?????

  4. Patricia Katz

    I had a very similar conversation with my banker at RBC a few years ago. They were promoting special interest rates on loans for new customers and I asked for the same preferential treatment – having been a customer with them since 1983. The local response was similar to that of your telemarketer. However, when I pressed the issue – and now I can’t recall if I did that in conversation or in writing – the Regional Account Manager gave approval for extending the same deal to me as they were offering newbies. Persistence and a bit of chutzpah paid off.
    I understand the drive for new business. I don’t understand why a business would choose to tick off existing (and presumably valued) customers in the process.
    Pat Katz
    PS Hope you get the new deal!


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