Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

I just watched the first episode of the new series by Tony Robbins, called Breakthrough. He helped a couple overcome debilitating tragedy and regain their ability to live meaningful lives. And we got to watch!

If you know NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) you saw Tony find out what were their limiting beliefs (beliefs about what was no longer possible, their heavy burdens to bear etc), build up their resourcefulness, courage and sense of adventure and have them realize they can have a wonderful present and future.

We even watched them fly!

This program made me look at my past few days, working on a complex design project. What were my attitudes about this project? I got lost in the detail at one point and procrastinated because I was stuck in a bunch of  negative thoughts.

And so today I have started the day with the realization that I AM actually brilliant at this sort of work, and that is why I’m doing this project. I bet that I get a lot more done today and that it will be a lot more fun!

Thanks for the reminder Tony! You can see the whole program at

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