Achieve goals using your own success strategies

Happy new year to you! I wish you all the best!

Here are some quick tips to help you have a successful 2017,
based on your own success strategies!

Find out what your unconscious mind already knows.

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1 thought on “Achieve goals using your own success strategies

  1. Ege Sarisenoglu

    Hey Shelle,
    Your point on revealing our subconscious patterns is a great one that I have not taken care of so far. What I do with the goals I am obsessed about is I write them on something I can see everyday and read them out every morning. Even for some I print them out and hang 10-20 of the same ones on my wall so that it pushes me subconsciously to the next level. Cause the amount of insights and new distinctions I get increases enormously when I see and feel the presence of the goal multiple times a day.


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