A couple of simple ways to have a GREAT year!

Welcome to 2012!

Here are a couple of resources for you, as you take some time to think about the 2012 you want to have.

I have gone through them and each in their own way made me feel deeply peaceful and optimistic.

This one is from my friend Art Giser, creator of Energetic NLP. It is a guided meditation to enable the wisdom from your unconscious mind to eliminate what you want to get rid of and create the states you want to live. Check it out for yourself here:


The second is a video about the one thing you can do that will improve your health for a long time to come. I have also sent this one to a lot of people! From Dr. Mike Evans.

23 & 1/2 Hours

All it takes is about 30 minutes of quiet to go through these 2 short videos. It is well worth it.

Shelle, let me know what you think of them: [email protected]

I wish you much happiness, health and success in 2012!


ps. Next time I’m sending you a process to help you discover your own success strategies!

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Some useful links.

www.WordsThatChangeMinds.com for articles, funny videos of MOI, etc.

www.ShellesEvents.com to find out if I’m speaking or training near you

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1 thought on “A couple of simple ways to have a GREAT year!

  1. Jeanne Theriault

    Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the health link, the video was very creative and the message very clear. I will be putting more effort into walking throughout the day to enhance my health.

    I also like the ENLP visualization, it was easy to do and something that I can integrate into my daily routines to stay clear and focused.

    Thanks again.
    Jeanne Theriault


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