The Nobel Peace Prize and Obama’s Real Mission

Congratulations and mazeltov to President Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! A very interesting choice for this year’s prize – I hope it reminds the American President of what his real mission is. The one he made so many of us believe in.

Unfortunately the everyday business of dealing with the intricacies and nastiness of US federal politics has been a huge distraction. This is an example of when a national leader becomes too “External”. That is when he pays too much attention to outside influences, and as a result ends up backing down on his speech to children at school, waffling over providing essential health care to all Americans, etc. I realize that the opposition is tough to deal with. They took down Hilary Clinton years ago when she wanted to give everyone access to health care.

But the Nobel Peace Prize is a call to action! Mr. Obama please remember that many people in the world are watching you and hoping that you will remember that you promised to work for peace, reconciliation, hope and the belief that all this is really possible. Yes we can! Help galvanize the population that believes in possibilities. Take the lead and many will get on board. Remember that you know how to do this!

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