Nadia Talhi

This program is the universal key to people’s doors. No words could possibly describe Shelle. The coaches were so helpful and resourceful. OUTSTANDING! Lots of fun. Exceeded my expectations.

Gabriela Bondrea

It was a great opportunity in my life to spend 2 weeks with open-minded and kind colleagues. I learned real quality topics, with a great impact on our lives from the best trainer we could ever have.

Ian Clarke

I highly recommend the LAB Profile Consultant/Trainer and Practitioner course. It is the most powerful and fun learning programme I have been on and worth every bit of personal, physical and intellectual investment. It’s more than a tool kit, it’s the complete multi-function personal development tool and needs no batteries!

Bernd Koepke

I enjoyed the program very much. A good mixture of teamwork and partner work, well structured. I love Shelle’s style, very authentic! Influencing in a very positive way. I’m motivated to stay in contact and learn more from Shelle.

Janice N. Haigh

An excellent programme. It will help me to improve my relationships with friends and colleagues and understand them and their behaviour better. Our coaches were extremely helpful and supportive. We could not have had better.

Ira Wolfe

The program allows me to communicate better to everyone I know and be able to help others should they wish it in a way that is for their best interest. Thank you!

Michael Theissen

A very successful program, I got all the tools and knowledge that I needed which is the basis for working with the LAB Profile®. Thanks, the program was great.