How I stopped putting off getting whole again.

Have you ever noticed that when you procrastinate or put off doing something,it stays right in front of you, in your mind’s eye?

You can’t get rid of it, until you actually do the task, or at least do something with it.
It’s been like this for me for a while. Recently I have had to have some surgery
and I had decided that after recuperating,
it would be a great time to finally learn to meditate.
I firmly decided this and then the days passed while my intention remained as firm,
the image stuck in front of my face, but still no action!
When I eventually noticed my own incongruence over this
(that’s long part, isn’t it – noticing!)
I picked up and worked through a great book on mindfulness and meditation,
and while well-written, I still wasn’t able to tame the part of me
that usually prefers to do something else.
This part often stops me from concentrating.
And I didn’t want another internal me vs. me battle!
When the student is ready …. the teacher appears. 

Connirae Andreas, PhD, developer of Core Transformation
and many other profound NLP change processes,
let me know about her new video program:
“The Wholeness Process”.

I have spent the past weekend, going through the program
and here is just one gem from it:
After my many attempts to answer the question: “Who am I?”
from all the mindfulness literature, programs, etc,
Connirae reposed the question in a way that made it simple to find my I.
She asked “Where is the “I” who is aware of this sensation?”
That was easy to answer!
In fact, it turns out that many of us have many “I”s.
(No wonder I couldn’t answer that who am I question – I’m at least a village of I’s!!)
That’s just the beginning of what I’m finding to be a
surprisingly simple and effective process for
dealing with almost anything. I’m using it to…

  • expand my awareness on how to be fully and completely in the present
  • it is helping me include my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) habits instead of fighting it
  • I’m using it to resolve some stuck feelings and issues
  • And to find peace and eliminate stress.
The Wholeness Process is Connirae’s new model.
In my opinion, it’s an effective, simple, and direct method for spiritual awakening,
as well as for your own personal development or therapy.
Connirae has been using it with people with chronic sleep issues,
with relationship problems, and troublesome emotional triggers (that’s me!),
as well as deep issues that no other method has helped with.So from my personal experience,
I am delighted to recommend this program to you.
If I can follow it and get a lot from it,
then I suspect you will too.Connirae is offering her program for the low price of:
ONLY $97 (39% off) Limited Time Offer
for her 8 hour video streaming program.
(Regular price $159) 
Click here if you want to learn more.
If you know anyone who could benefit –
someone who needs more peace in their life –
please share this email.I know it will make a difference in your life
or in the life of someone you care about.




Have questions?  Please contact Melody at [email protected]
She is always happy to help and to hear from you.

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