NLP fans – we need your help!

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If you know NLP, then you know that it has been a struggle to gain credibility and prove it’s effectiveness. The NLP Research and Recognition Project needs your help. Please see below. I hope you can help by writing a letter and giving $5.00 a month (or more if you can afford it).

Please forward this message to all the NLPers you know.


Dear Leaders and Fans of NLP,

We at the NLP Research and Recognition Project (NLP R & R) are poised to receive major funding to continue our work, but need to demonstrate the support of the NLP community to increase our likelihood of success.

We need your support right now to help make sure that NLP is finally legitimized everywhere.

Here’s what you can do (before May 30, 2014):

1) Write a letter of support about NLP R & R to ([email protected]) that we can use in our bid to get funding for continuing our research. Please ask the other NLP Institutes that you know to do the same.  (Here is a sample letter.)

2) Please ask all your NLP contacts to go online to and donate $5.00 a month for the next year to support the research and to make themselves a formal supporter of the research project. (We are regularly being asked by Foundations that we are soliciting for funds how much the NLP community is supporting our efforts).

3)Please ask everyone to link to and go often to the new NLP WIKI site and for those so inclined, send possible additions and corrections to the WIKI.

Please do this by May 30th if you can, but do it whenever you can.

Thanks so much for all your help in this!

Best regards to our friends and colleagues,

Dr. Frank Bourke, Dr. Rick Gray, Lisa Wake and the whole team at R & R. including Trustees Judith DeLozier, Steve and Connirae Andreas and supporters Tim Hallbom, Shelle Rose Charvet, Michael Hall and Robert Dilts.

Here, is more background information on the NLP R & R Organization to keep you up to date.

Frank Bourke & Richard Gray

Telephone: 607 622 8054

Email:[email protected]


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