New NLP book on modelling from David Gordon

For those of you who want to learn and teach new skills quickly and effectively, here is a great piece of news.
David Gordon and Graham Dawes have produced a followup to their excellent book on Modelling; Expanding Your World.
They say:
“Ever ask yourself, “How does this person do that?” …and wish that you could do it as well? At the beating heart of everything we do is an essential set of patterns. Modeling is the process of eliciting those essential patterns.”

The new book is called: The Modelling Tutorial.
You can greatly enhance your learning/teaching skills with these 2 e-books.

Cheers from Sydney at the NLP Conference.

1 thought on “New NLP book on modelling from David Gordon

  1. Glenn Devey

    Hiya David! Hope all is well.
    I bought the first book and lived it !
    Do you happen to know of anyone who may have written up a modelling project on someone who has perfect musical pitch ? As in ability to recognise a B flat or a C sharp just by ear ? Thanks !


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