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Have you ever noticed that weird things happen when you are travelling?

After leading 7 days of training here in Tokyo and singing my heart out at a karaoke night with my students (check out my Facebook page), I had an afternoon snooze. I woke up to a surprise visit from a Paris friend, who brought a whole family of other people with him to my hotel. Then I realized I was still dreaming. I woke up again and had to prepare and conduct a complicated business negotiation. Only to find I was still lying in my bed. Now I’m wondering if I am really awake or not.

And that was 2 days after running into Donald Rumsfeld in the corridor by my room. Was that a dream too? He said good morning to me as I must have looked shocked to see him. Some of my Facebook friends wanted to know if I asked him about “known unknowns”. (If you haven’t heard him on this topic, check it out on YouTube.)

Both of those events are weird, aren’t they?

And then there are the good weird things that happen. I had lunch with a student of mine, and we had a great, creative conversation. We shared our new projects and ideas, and I got to show her the new iPhone app I am about to launch. It is one of a couple of big projects I am working on in the new technology company I founded last year with Micha, my partner. After this conversation, I tweeted this:

“To be a great entrepreneur, be OBSESSED with your idea, while staying open enough to let passing events nourish your creativity and actions.”

And then a little later:

“There is a good time to focus on details and a time to zoom out to the big picture. The challenge is to know the right time for each.”

I realize that this is how my new team makes good progress on our new products. And when we don’t —- we are unfocused and looking at the wrong level of detail.

This visit to Japan has been like that. Meetings with my business partners, students and friends. They all nourished my creativity and I hope I contributed to them too.

When was the last time you had a great, creative, nourishing conversation? Or had weird dreams? Or sang your heart out?

Here’s to the weird life!


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