Gastro-Economic Problems

“Gastric-economic problems.” This just slipped out in the middle of a conversation today. I’ve no idea where it came from or what I was really trying to say. But it was new, irresistible and clearly needed a definition.

How about: Gastro-economic problem: 1.When you can’t afford the restaurant bill and have to make a run for it. 2. When your culinary tastes are above your means.

Which definition do you think is best?

This reminded me of other made-up words that definitely need to be added to our lexicon:

Stragedy: A disaster that you planned for. (Created by a nun during a conflict resolution training program.)

And 2 more from the family of my friend Pat Katz:

Intersturb: When someone interrupts AND disturbs you at the same time.

Snarkastic: When someone uses sarcasm with a particularly nasty sneer.

Let’s hear your invented words!



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