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You’ve just done a marvelous presentation about your products or your services; you’ve gotten a raving applause and then what do you do?  That’s what my top tips posting is about today.  How to end a Sales Presentation.

There are 3 steps

  • Entice
  • Engage
  • Offer

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At the end of your presentation entice them with something that they want from you.  If your slides had your key messages on them and were fantastic, offer to send them your slides.  Get them to give you their cards with their email addresses and send them your slides.  You can offer them an extra report or extra information that they might be interested in but entice them with something that they want at the end of your presentation.

Then they email you or they give you their card and you send their email and you say “Thank you very much for being interested in these slides.  I’d like to ask you what did you like about the presentation?”  Because now we are on step two; engage them.  “What did you like about the presentation?  How did it help you in your present situation?”  This will enable you to get great feedback as well as possible testimonials because once they have sent you their feedback on your presentation you can ask them if you can quote them and use them as a reference for your presentation and you can also then engage them in a dialogue that says “Well do you need any other help?   What are you trying to implement?  And then that’s that third step;  offer to give them more help.  Offer to call them up and talk about how to implement these ideas that you presented on and to see if they need any other help from you.

This is one way that you can really use your sales presentations.  You know sometimes sales presentations aren’t even officially called sales presentations.    Sometimes you’re doing a free presentation to a group of people because you have been invited to do so but of course you want to use this to help promote your services and by giving people things of value before they have even paid for anything and letting them know there is more through this whole process of enticing, engaging and offering, you can get more business and at least you are going to get an opportunity to talk to clients and potential clients.

Now, one last tip.  Remember in this process to qualify them.  Are these the people who really need your products and services?  Do they have the money?  Are they the decision-makers and is this the right time?

So there’s some tips for how to end a sales presentation.

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