Best Bathroom Reads Ever

I was, ahemmm, um, sitting on the, um, throne, the other day, reading and laughing out loud, when it occurred to me that my book was a great bathroom read. And perhaps many people had other great book recommendations for the bathroom.

My Best Bathroom Read right now is “Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar” by Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein. The reason I love this book, other than the fact that you can read short or long snippets, depending on how much time you need, is that the book explains philosophy through jokes.

Each paragraph gives a synopsis of a particular brand of philosophical thinking and communicating, and then illustrates the point with a joke.

Here’s an example from the book:

“William James described a spectrum of ways of thinking, ranging from “tender-minded” to “tough-minded.” More tender-minded philosophers maintain that vague, natural languages have an advantage over mathematics: They give us more wiggle room.

An eighty-year-old woman burst into the men’s day-room at the retirement home. She holds her clenched fist in the air and announces, “Anyone who can guess what I have in my hand can have sex with me tonight!”
An old man in the back shouts, “An elephant!”
The woman thinks for a moment and says, “Close enough!”

Well, I thought this was funny! 🙂

Please tell us in the comments section below, what are your Best Bathroom Reads? Why? Any great snippets?





9 thoughts on “Best Bathroom Reads Ever

  1. Pierre Comeau

    Very funny stuff Ms Charvet. I will be sure to read this book an leave it in the bathroom. I can’t wait to read your book “Le pouvoir des mots”. My business coach just referred it to me with immense respect !

  2. sharon sayler

    Very funny Shelle, it brought to mind what my “ummm” charming teenage niece told me when my last book came out…. “I love it Aunt Sharon, you can pick it up and read something real quick – it’s my favorite bathroom book….” Ummm, I took it as a compliment.
    Embracing the experience each and every day,

  3. David Gouthro

    Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader) is a personal favourite to keep things moving along in my satellite office. Very stimulating in an exlaxing sort of way!

  4. David Gouthro

    Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader is a family favourite. Just the correct stimulation, if you know what I mean. And I don’t mean intellectual, I’m sorry to say! Perfect for my auxiliary office . . .

  5. Patricia Weber

    It is funny. I’m in and out so quickly that only things like these short snippets work for me. Hence, right now, no books that I keep there. In the throne room.

  6. Jeremy

    Creative Mischief by Dave Trott is similar to Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar, in that it’s in bite size pieces and is about life lessons, people and philosophy through the experiences of an advertising guru who lived and worked in both New York and London.
    One story involves the Omen, a board meeting and salt water.
    Tip – the book is better than the Kindle version as it’s beautifully designed and laid out.
    It both educates and amuses, but why believe me…

  7. Monique

    Reading in the bathroom was never allowed in my parents house.
    Somehow, I notice, I still do not read much in this area of my own house.
    This habit learned as a child, is a strong one..
    Perhaps laughing in there makes it loosen up some stuff 😉

  8. Jeremy Baker

    Creative Mischief by Dave Trott
    Quite like Plato and a platypus… its a book of short stories of the life of an ad executive who lived in New York and London. It’s a book I have bought many times as a gift for friends and colleagues, but don’t believe me, buy it or borrow it and it’ll either make you laugh, educate you or both.

    1. Shelle Rose Charvet Post author

      Very funny Jeremy! One of my readers commented:
      “My digestion is so good that all I can read on the can is haiku. 🙂 ”

      I’m envious!


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