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Are you interested in learning how to increase sales while retaining existing customers AND attracting new customers?

It is possible and you will learn how from my products included in this new product bundle.

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This packages includes:

1) Increase Sales in Tough Times (MP3)
Anyone can increase sales in great economic times. Only the best make it when times are tough. This is your opportunity to prove that you can sell, to prove that you have something valuable to offer your clients.

2) Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People (MP3)

Designed to help you get your great ideas across, without having people become negative and skeptical. This CD will help you make sure you’re not demanding that people take a leap of faith to get on board with your ideas and will increase sales.

3) Building Long Term Relationships With Clients (MP3)
Something important is happening every time your customers communicate with you via email, phone, or in-person. Learn how to decode their unstated, psychological needs.

4) The Customer Is Bothering Me! How to Change Attitudes, Improve Results & Grow Your Bottom Line (E-book)

Also receive 3 special bonuses:

Bonus Number One!
Shelle’s Words That Change Minds Proposal Template (PDF); designed to get a yes from your prospective clients, whatever their Motivation Triggers or Thinking Patterns. Value $150

Bonus Number Two!
Shelle’s How to Increase Sales powerpoint document (pdf format) to accompany the MP3 recording. Value $49.97 US

Bonus Number Three!
$10 coupon discount on any of Shelle’s great influencing and persuasion learning products from our store.

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Learn how to understand, predict and influence your customers’ behavior through hidden Motivation Triggers. Shelle shows you how to:  deal with upset customers, create enduring loyalty and of course, sell more!

No risk!
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