Wishing, Wanting & Achieving


Personal & Professional Strategic Planning

You have probably read, heard, and seen lots of information about the benefits of setting goals. Maybe you have even created a vision board and achieved the things you visualized.

Most people do not set goals – and for a very good reason!

Most goal-setting processes do not work.

Years ago when I started teaching the NLP Outcome Strategy in companies, people would come up to me, months or years later and whisper in my ear: “I tried that goal process. It didn’t work. I don’t know why.”

This got me to thinking! How many times have I set an intention, visualized it, wrote it down, worked toward it, but never achieved it? Each year, for about 15 years, I set the goal of achieving a certain weight. Have you seen me lately :-) ?

Table of Contents

  • Why Reading This Mini-Book Just Might Make the Difference in Your Life
  • Comments about Wishing, Wanting, and Achieving
  • Introduction
  • Your Success Strategies
  • The ‘RAP’ Process (Review, Analyze, and Plan)
  • Decoding Your Secrets to Success
  • Case Stories
  • Motivation Triggers
  • Identifying Your Motivation Triggers
  • Two Motivations behind Goal-Setting
  • Motivation Triggers in the Case Stories
  • Maintaining Motivation Using Toward and Away From Patterns
  • Do you have Toward or Away From Motivation?
  • Internal and External Motivation
  • Source of Motivation – Internal or External
  • Willpower vs. Imagination
  • Dealing with Temptation
  • Procedures Mode vs. Options Mode
  • Positive vs. Negative Consequences
  • Sacred Time
  • Time for a Recap
  • Dealing with Setbacks
  • Getting Re-Motivated
  • Why Strategic Planning is Important in Everyday Life
  • Know Your Own Motivation Success Strategies
  • About Shelle Rose Charvet
  • Shelle’s Learning Resources
  • Package #1 – Overcoming Communication Challenges
  • Package #2 – Jump-Start Your Sales, Marketing & Customer Retention
  • Package #3 – Words That Change Minds Learning Program
  • Package #4 – Make Me One With Everything!
  • Endnotes

“Read the book today. Loved it. I need to evaluate deeply now."

~ Anshul Sinha, India

“Wishing, Wanting, and Achieving is excellent. I learned that in order to achieve goals it helps to make them part of what I already do. It also helps to set up a plan as to how the goal can be attained. For example, I will need to contact 20 people a day if I am to attain my goal of increasing my sales for this year. Thank you so much!"

~ Trish Belisle, United States

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To say thank you for buying this mini-book, I would like to give you a free download of the MP3 audio program Wishing, Wanting, and Achieving to listen whenever you want. You can find the link to download it near the end of the book.

“Thank you for this audio program. I found it so useful and simple to understand & to use.  Using real life examples really made the process really come alive for me.”
~ Joanne Coulson, UK

Why reading this mini-book just might make the difference in your life!

What is the real issue that stops most people from reaching their goals? It’s not because they don’t have the knowledge or the skill – in fact many people will tell you that they know exactly what to do to reach their goals, they just don’t do it.

And if you only needed to find out how to do something to be successful, most people would have already accomplished all their goals.

Motivation – or rather lack of motivation – is the real problem!

“I can’t thank you enough for this program! I have a lot of pieces in place in my head after I have listened to it and I’m going to listen it over and over again as it has always puzzled me why people don’t achieve goals even if they “really” (as they themselves say it, me included) want to do those things. I only wish that this I’ve got my hands on this material earlier; though we have to be ready for the information too. Thanks very much again!”

~ Elena Kjærsdam, Denmark

It is not about whether your specific goal is motivating to you. If setting and working diligently to achieve specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, ecological goals bores you silly, you are not alone. Most people are not motivated by working toward almost any goal!

Many, many people are better at achieving when faced with an impending disaster. When the house is burning, you just get out! You don’t wonder if that is what you really want to do. And you don’t get distracted by other activities.

But does that mean most people are only motivated by fear and avoiding a disaster? Certainly not. But here’s the thing, if there is no negative consequence for not achieving what you set out to do, it is much less likely that you will do what it takes.

My aim here will be to help you identify those strategies that work for you and those that do not. We will look at some of the general principles that enable you to feel more accomplished and actually help you to achieve your desired results.

The purpose of this mini-book and audio program is to help you to:

  • Understand your own personal success strategies.
  • Decode the difference between the goals you set and those you accomplish.
  • Avoid repeating past behaviors which have kept you from achieving your goals.
  • Learn new ways to increase your success.

This mini-book and audio program are designed to help you discover the difference between goals you set and those you achieve. Each of us has our own success strategies.

Isn’t it time you found out yours?

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