The Customer is Bothering Me


How to Change Attitudes, Improve Results and Grow Your Bottom Line

Your customers are paying attention to how you attract and treat them.

This is the first book that reveals the hidden Motivation Triggers to understand, predict and influence your customers’ behavior.


  • Decode how your customers actually think and make decisions
  • Find out the real reasons why organizations mismanage their customers’ experience
  • Create a Customer Philosophy that gets and keeps customers
  • Navigate The Great Customer Attitude Shift
  • Enable your front-line to handle any customer
  • Learn why an apology is never enough
  • Deal with upset customers to create enduring loyalty
  • Discover the new rules for mass marketing and direct marketing
  • Get your customers to buy more, sooner

and much, much more.

"The shift in power to the customer is now a certainty,
yet only a few companies know what to do about it.
In this engaging book, Shelle lays out precisely what is going on and how to think about it."
~Seth Godin, author Tribes

“When it comes to customer service it’s easy to find books about the effect.
Shelle Rose Charvet’s book is about the cause, the effect and the solution.
It’s the whole picture and it will make you an expert.”
~Nicholas Boothman, author of How to make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

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