Solving Communication Problems with the LAB Profile®

Advanced LAB Profile Series by Shelle Rose Charvet


Create a bigger impact and have more influence at work and at home

Attention: This is an advanced program. You need to have read Words that Change Minds, listened to the Understanding & Triggering Motivation CD program or attended one of Shelle’s workshops in order to get the most from this program.

In this program, Shelle shows you how to use the LAB Profile to decode any communication challenge and create solutions that work using just the right language.

Learn a 4-step LAB Profile process to solve your most difficult communication challenges.
This program includes:

  • how to identify what is driving people by decoding their behavior
  • creating innovative communication strategies to solve intractable problems
  • finding the leverage point that makes the difference
  • uncovering the key people to influence – even when they are not present
  • how to find the right language to persuade anyone
  • 2 demonstrations with a Q & A that makes the process easy to learn

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 "So many problems in business and life stem from miscommunication, and here was a clear way of addressing them. Three things in this program were especially helpful for me: how to determine a very clear realistic outcome (not always easy or obvious in the heat of the moment), and then being prepared to modify it if need be, establishing the motivation to tackle the problem for each of the parties involved, a really neat way to identify the key drivers and language for each person.
And then of course you wrap it up in a memorable 4-step process!”

– Chris Freeman, New Zealand


Many people around the world are now working with the LAB Profile (Language and Behavior Profile) from my book Words that Change Minds and the CD program Understanding & Triggering Motivation to create a bigger impact and have more influence both at work and at home. In those materials, I use the LAB Profile to describe each Motivation Trigger illustrating how people get interested and the Influencing Language to use or avoid to match how they think. We also explore the Working Traits which decode how each person processes information, responds to stressful situations, what they need to be productive and how they get convinced.

But when people email me, one question seems to be coming up again and again:

“How do I apply this to solve the complex issues I have to deal with?”

Life used to be easy – or so it seems

There is so much to do nowadays that most people are running just not to fall behind in all their commitments. Who has the time to confront communication issues when you are already rushing just to get everything done one time?

On the other hand, if communication problems are putting a stick in your wheels, how can you afford not to take time to solve them, and solve them quickly?

In my CD Program Only Pick a Fight When You Can Win I demonstrate how to manage your emotions when you are upset, figure out what is important to you and the other person, how to turn a confrontation into a conversation, and create solutions you both want. This is a process I use every time I have to sort something out with people at work and at home.

Solving Communication Problems with the LAB Profile is different.

Whether you are a consultant who has to diagnose and solve your customers’ problems, a coach who has to unravel the complex web of your clients’ lives, a people manager who helps your people develop their communication skills, a concerned parent dealing with angry teenagers or your own uncooperative elderly parents, an employee facing a boss who is hard to please ……

You need to customize your strategy to fit the people!

Once you are familiar with the basics of the LAB Profile Patterns, this one-hour CD Program will show you how to:

  • use a 4-step process to diagnose for solving communication problems and solve complex communication issues
  • identify someone one’s LAB Profile Motivation Patterns by decoding their behavior
  • Create innovative communication strategies to solve intractable situations
  • find the lever that makes the difference
  • uncover the key people to influence – even when they are not present
  • figure out the right language to motivate anyone

We go through 2 demonstrations with a small group of people and there is a Q & A that makes the process easy to learn. This program will help you simply complex communication situations and develop strategies that work.

This CD is a great way to continue your LAB Profile skill development and take it to whole new areas.

You’ve experienced just how versatile the LAB Profile is; now you can apply it to the real life complexities you face at work and at home.

 The program was very good for me – listening to Shelle’s and the other examples. I liked the ideas on how to get people to open up and to define a very clear outcome before a conversation. It was very helpful for me to think about Shelle’s idea of describing the behavior to find out the LAB Profile patterns. Thank you, Shelle!”

– Sabine Hess, Germany


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