Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People

By Shelle Rose Charvet







The "Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People" program was great.
The segment on "formulating your approach" was the clearest,
most sensible "plan" that I have ever seen or heard on this topic,
and I have been in sales for over forty years.
- Spencer Gordon, Maryland, USA

Have you ever had a great idea shot down by a skeptic?

Why do you have to spend so much mental energy dealing with negative people?
What if you could identify and resolve doubts, reservations, hesitations and objections and got people to really listen?

This program covers how to deal with the “Macho” person who already knows everything. Learn why many people fail to be convincing.
Experience a four-step process for getting even the most conscientious of objectors to take your ideas seriously.

Shelle demonstrates:

  • The Skeptical People Process to get anyone to listen to you;
  • Identifying and resolving doubts, reservations, hesitations and objections;
  • The 3 points of view crucial to being convincing;
  • How to use common experiences to get your point across;
  • How to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds; and,
  • Make sure your message passes “The Macho Test.”

Listen to Shelle’s live presentation with Q & A where she responds to a skeptical audience member!
Hear the whole process demonstrated in person. And see for yourself how effective it is.

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 I was struggling on how to present information to a group of 75 people who were in a treatment center for substance abusers. In listening to your program about how to motivate skeptical people, I realized I needed to switch my language and held their attention throughout my presentation.”

– Frances L. DePonio, MBA , MS , TLLP

I had a group yesterday and it had two pressed souls and one who was very nervous.
I tried out the opening script for Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People. It worked! The two compulsory attendees listened all day (and took part in the exercises). The nervous one …. I saw her visibly relax half way through the intro.”

– David Forster, Senior Staff Development Trainer, UK

Enthusiasm can create skepticism

Have you noticed that the more enthusiastic you are about an idea, the more skeptical some people become? It’s as if you are pushing their Skeptical Buttons. You may have experienced this yourself when someone foists their idea on you. When someone is very excited about an idea, they speak as if they are deciding for you what your opinion should be. “You’ll love this!” Unless that person has impeccable credibility, it’s easy to resent being told what to think.

Did you know that 15% of the population are skeptics at work? They just won’t get convinced.

75% of people at work believe they know what is best for others.

In a recent Success Strategies on-line poll, 23% of the respondents said that the biggest communication problem today is caused by a stubborn refusal to entertain other perspectives!

Haven’t you noticed how closed-minded so many people are? And most of us only succeed when we can convince others of the merit of our ideas. Isn’t it frustrating that it’s so hard to get a fair hearing?

This CD Program will also show you how to get around even the most Macho attitudes.

Macho: Someone who…

  • Already knows everything there is to know
  • Is perfect in every way and has no problems
  • If there are problems, they are clearly of someone else’s making
  • Is bigger, better, smarter and more important than anyone else

I believe the Macho Pattern is responsible for most of the problems we have on the planet today, because it prevents people from hearing and accepting good ideas!

Don’t believe me? Are you skeptical?

When you listen to this program, you will recognize many of the tips! Only now they are organized to be easy to remember and easy to use.

This CD will help you make sure that you are not demanding that people take a leap of faith to get on board with your ideas. It is designed to help you get your great ideas across, and without having your people become negative and skeptical.

Low Morale at Work?

This program is also ideal for improving your people’s morale in the workplace. Your team will get practical ideas for transforming negative communication into a forum where people and ideas are respected. Have a happier, more creative staff.

This program not only uncovers what’s behind skeptical attitudes, it demonstrates how you can overcome objections before they become an issue. Learn how to influence, get decisions and convince even the most conscientious of objectors.Edition: CD

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If you purchase this program and are not happy with it, we will refund your money.