Influencing and Persuading People

By Shelle Rose Charvet


Isn’t it frustrating sometimes, trying to get other people to do what you want?
Want to know simple ways to vary your language to suit the other person?
And wouldn’t you prefer being persuasive instead of having to assert yourself?

“Influencing and Persuading People”MP3 recording
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Here’s what’s in this program:

  • The beliefs and attitudes that can stop you from being persuasive.
  • The difference between manipulating and influencing.
  • The Influencing & Persuasion Principle.
  • How to be more strategic in your communication.
  • The Power Principles.
  • My new 4 -Step Motivation Method.
  • Discover the Motivation Triggers that make people do things.
  • How to adapt these skills for individuals, groups and even your family.
  • Avoid accidently saying the wrong thing.
  • Get people to accept something new more easily, even when they hate change.
  • Find out how to persuade even the most difficult people!

"I enjoyed listening to Shelle's clear, clever and hugely helpful new audio program. It is another example of her wonderful work. The content leads you through some straightforward thinking about how we communicate with people both by listening about how we communicate with people both by listening and by the use of language and Shelle guides you with examples of what really works. I'm grateful to Shelle for unlocking some of the mysteries of communication in such a practical, amusing and engaging way."
~Susan Barnett, Surrey, England

Why should you download this “Influencing and Persuading People” MP3?

We all have occasions where we would like to persuade someone to accept our point of view, ideas, services or products. Shelle provides you with a guide to assessing a person and then tailoring your approach to the motivations and preferences of that person so that you can engage him or her more effectively.

"She gives you step-by-step strategies that can be implemented right away and examples using different scenarios so that you get a feel for the possibilities. I enjoyed listening to Shelle and would recommend her as a gifted motivator and insightful communicator."
~ Shayne Train, Ontario, Canada

In this audio, “Influencing and Persuading People” you will get one of my best developments, the 4 Step Motivating Method, that works on even the most difficult people.

Think of all the people you wish to persuade!

More Program Highlights:

  • Find out why many people have difficulty “selling” themselves & what to do about it.
  • The secret ingredient used by powerful persuaders.
  • Understand why the most important Motivation Triggers make people do what they do.
  • How you can make a small change in what you do and dramatically increase your impact.
  • Tips on influencing and persuading people – even the toughest people.

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