How to Increase Sales in Tough Times

By Shelle Rose Charvet


Ready, set, go. The crisis is on! Lock the door. Lower your expenses.
Be prepared for the worst, right?

Wrong! This is your opportunity to prove that you can sell, to prove that you have something valuable to offer your clients. Anyone can sell in great economic times. Only the best make it when times are hard.

What do great salespeople do intuitively that others don’t?

Find out in this exceptional teleclass run by Shelle Rose Charvet, international bestselling author of Words That Change Minds.

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“The content of “How to Increase Sales in Tough Times” is excellent. I liked the LAB Profile® information in the context of sales, as well as the other information Shelle offered – framing and visual metaphors. The examples Shelle offers are also very useful.”

Kate Rafter, Life Coach, Personal Upgrade Company, Australia

What do great salespeople do intuitively to increase sales that others don’t?

Find out in this exceptional program by Shelle Rose Charvet, international bestselling author of Words That Change Minds.

1. Differentiate yourself: Sales strategies that make your products & services unique
How you present your product can be a turn-on or a turn-off. Learn how to avoid the ‘same old, same old’ approach that your customers really don’t need right now! Instead, find out how to match your language to how your customer thinks and gets motivated. Get sales tips for making the difference that makes the difference for every customer.

2. Understand what motivates each of your customers to increase sales!
One size does not fit all
. Shelle will show you what questions to ask each of your prospects to determine what they need to see and hear from you to say yes. You will know what to ask to find out exactly what to say, or not to say to get more business quicker than ever before and increase sales.

3.Why normal proposals slow down the sales process
Have you ever noticed that some customers need your proposal yesterday and then it sits on their desk for weeks and nothing happens? Shelle will give you the inside scoop on how to create great proposals that get your prospective customers to make decisions, faster and dramatically increase sales and your rate of success.

4.Positioning for value to your customers
You know that what you have to offer is great…. But your customers view the world very differently. Learn how to find out their highest priorities and match your sales process to their world.

5. Words That Change Minds; Words That Sell
Avoid saying the wrong thing accidentally!
Find out the words that sell. How many choices should you give your clients? Use language to help them make the right decision.

This program is based on Shelle’s ground-breaking work with the LAB Profile® (the Language and Behavior Profile). An easy to learn profiling tool to help you find out exactly what motivates people, how they think and how they make decisions.

You will learn Shelle’s newest insights, especially how people change their thinking and behavior patterns during a crisis!

If you think you know this already, be prepared to be surprised! Not everyone reacts the same way.

This program is packed with practical advice that you can use right away, whatever you sell: from basic products to sophisticated services.

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