Building Long-Term Relationships with Clients:
Decode What Your Customer Really Wants

By Shelle Rose Charvet


Have you ever wanted to get inside your customer’s head and heart? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out what they never tell you directly?

If your business success depends on your ability to predict and fulfill your clients’ unstated, psychological needs, this program will show you how.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • How to find out what really motivates your customers;
  • To read between the lines to keep your customers happy;
  • To use your surveys to go beyond the obvious…. Find out what Motivation Triggers are driving your customers;
  • Influencing Language to match what your customers want to hear; and
  • Practical tips on how to avoid turning them off! Never make the same mistake again!!


There is a special sheet included with examples of client feedback, decoded for you!
For years we have been lectured about listening to our clients, but why didn’t they tell us what to listen for?

It’s time now to move beyond simple formulas for understanding the complex motivations that drive your customers. What if they need lots of personal support, but don’t tell you? Wouldn’t it be great to hear that inside their language? What if a customer gets overwhelmed by all the choices you offer? This CD will show you how to help them make a decision.

And wouldn’t it be useful if you could detect when your clients are getting upset with you, even before they become consciously aware of it themelves?

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Build Long Term Relationships Improve Client Relationships

First Shelle Rose Charvet describes the patterns that motivate your customers. She gives you lots of examples.

Then you’ll hear real comments from consulting clients and then learn how to decode their language.

Lastly Shelle describes what to do once you know the patterns; strategies for meeting the clients’ unstated needs and improve client relationships to build long term relationships.

No secrets any more! You’ll be able to relate these examples to your own experience with your clients.

No risk!
If you purchase this program and are not happy with it, we will refund your money.

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