LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification

With Shelle Rose Charvet

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"I've trained with many trainers in the UK and in North America, and
nobody seems to know their subject as deeply as Shelle knows hers."

~ John Cliff, Communication Consultant

The ability to influence people is an essential business and life skill.
This certification program will enable you to detect Motivation Triggers™
in others and teach you the language to maximize your impact and get results.

Individuals and companies around the world are now learning
directly from me, without having to go away!

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"Shelle, I can't tell you how pleased and impressed I am after watching you teach in this program. I don't know if you realize how critical I can be--and you gave me no opportunity to demonstrate that skill! I have respected your work for years, but I was unprepared for the richness of the program--especially the organization, sequencing, and nonverbal delivery.
This program ought to be mandatory in any program including training/presentation skills!"

 ~ Steve Andreas, NLP Developer and Trainer, Colorado

"I really enjoyed the LAB Profile® Online Program.
It made the learning so much more accessible.
Watching the videos made me feel as if I was
attending an actual live session
and the format
was very interactive and inclusive."
Shereen Qutob, Change Management and Development Manager, Dubai

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