LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification

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Do you want to work at a higher level and generate more business?
Here is the next leap in your career and your life!

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LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Training
with Shelle Rose Charvet

When and Where: August 1st to 12th, 2016 in Paris, France

Institut Repère, 78 Av du Général Michel Bizot
75012 Paris, Métro: Bizot

The LAB Profile® trainer program with Shelle has been incredibly valuable for me as trainer and consultant. I used it immediately back in my work, setting up several successful programs and promoting more effectively. So what came out of it?  Awesome customer feedback, new business opportunities and a great reputation as an expert in LAB Profiling.”
– Swantje Allmers, Business Improvement Consultant, Hamburg

“Since I completed the LAB Profile Consultant/Trainer program, the LAB Profile® has become THE centerpiece of my offering, I would say 75% of my business is training based on the LAB Profile® (sales, customer service, leadership/people management) and I´m constantly working on new applications …. My customers love it!”
– Andreas Plienegger, Corporate Trainer, Austria

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What if you knew how to solve your clients’ most urgent problems?
Do you want to make sure your business model will thrive in the NEW REALITY?

With the LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Training Program,
you’ll  be able to uncover what really motivates ANYONE!

And you’ll be able to do what only a very few people can do!


Extremely valuable learning both practically and personally. Great content, tone, and timing. What’s unique is her personal contact and constant attention. Truly exceptional training model, delivered congruently and clearly. Totally worthwhile.”
— William Cather, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“Great! Really well-structured and wonderfully well-delivered. Engaging – Stretching. Great learning opportunity. I feel very privileged indeed to have been able to participate. Thank You!
— Caroline Frost, United Kingdom

“Wow, the most powerful course I have taken. It will be helpful in choosing clients and determining what the client really wants as well as teaching this tool. My sincerest thanks to you, Shelle and the coaches. The best 2 weeks vacation I ever spent.”
— Evelyn Peirce, Canada

Learn how to...
  • Differentiate yourself in a market full of coaches, consultants and trainers
  • Design learning programs that actually change behavior using NLP & LAB Profile® techniques
  • Use advanced LAB Profile® coaching methodologies to help clients shift
  • Create marketing materials to attract more customers
  • Solve your clients’ most difficult communication situations
  • Make compelling presentations to even the most skeptical audiences
  • Master the Language of Influence for any situation
  • Understand the Combination Patterns that make customers buy
  • Create communication strategies that reach people’s hearts and minds
  • Predict and influence behavior with individuals, teams and mass communication challenges
  • Know exactly what language to use – or avoid – to motivate and inspire
  • Know how to develop the right approach to lead your key teams and employees
  • Build high performance teams
  • Enhance your facilitation skills to handle even the most challenging groups
  • Master the LAB Profile® Patterns to manage strategic meetings and high stakes negotiations
  • Diagnose corporate & team culture to introduce change, and make it stick
Results you can expect from this program...
  • Sell more sooner
  • Develop new markets for your skills
  • Help your clients get results quicker
  • Get and teach a whole new skill set – that your clients really want
  • Learn how to market, position and sell using below-conscious motivators
  • Differentiate yourself in a market full of coaches, consultants and trainers
  • Participate in an exciting, advanced training that may well change your career – and your life!

“Thank you, Shelle for the amazing training experience, I liked the variety of activities, options of how to use the LAB Profile®, demonstrations & more.”
— Julia Roitenberg, Toronto

“The program is complete and well-balanced. I plan to deliver LAB Profile training with a subset of patterns and even practitioner courses. I’ve gotten many useful tips to improve my communication in a more effective way and deliver better presentations.”
— Luca Biotti, Ranco, Italy

Amazing life-changing experience that was multi-layered in many different ways. Astonishing – Fun. Learned a lot!! Thank you!”
— Robin Heymans, Belgium

Here's what over 100 more people are saying about the program...

This program has helped me find my “niche” and audience, make optimal use of LAB Profiles in marketing and the way I address topics to my potential clients in their appropriate way & style. Many thanks, Shelle! I gained a lot of precious insights and enjoyed the training very much!
— Claudia Falk, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The program is great, and met my expectations to come from my country to learn it. Shelle is warm, thoughtful, pays attention to participants and she cares. She is great!
— Irene Corry, Indonesia

“The dream of making the LAB Profile® the cornerstone of my business and everything I do has now come to fruition. Of all the courses and investments I have made in my development over the years, your program has given me the biggest return on investment. I’m now so successful that I’m reaching full capacity.”
~ David Klaassen, United Kingdom

“A practical, insightful, and at the same time, rigorous program. I have a much better appreciation and deeper understanding of the patterns and how to use them. It will certainly enhance my communication and add to what I have already gained and know.
I will be incorporating the LAB Profile® as part of my programs.”
A great program! Thank you so much, Shelle and coaches.”
– Jonathan Low, Malaysia

“TRANSFORMATIONAL! Shelle models and lives what she teaches.
Engaging, focused, timely.  I can strongly recommend this experience to
someone wanting to take their lives and work to another level.
– Karen Drake, USA

Wow, the most powerful course I have taken. It will be helpful in choosing clients and determining what the client really wants as well as teaching this tool.
My sincerest thanks to you, Shelle and the coaches.
The best 2 weeks vacation I ever spent.”
~ Evelyn Peirce, Canada

Of all the NLP courses I’ve attended, the LAB Profile® Certification has proved the most lucrative. Since I took the program, it’s paid for itself several times over. Often people in organizations don’t have a vocabulary to talk about the language they use. Using LAB Profile® means we can discuss sophisticated uses of language without the need for jargon.
— Fiona Wright, PhD, Consultant in Written Communication Skills, UK


A wonderful program that is valuable and insightful on
both a professional and personal level

I will be able to make an immediate application to my presentation skills and the course materials are designed for future application in coaching and
interviewing managers for development programs.
The best workshop I have ever attended in my professional career.
Shelle is without equal; truly unique.
~ Randi Kline, USA

An excellent two weeks spent nourishing both mind and spirit. Highly recommended!
— Bill Lewis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A very successful program, I got all the tools and knowledge that I needed which is the basis for working with the LAB Profile®. Thanks, the program was great.
— Michael Theissen, Bergkirchen, Germany

The program allows me to communicate better to everyone I know and be able to help others should they wish it in a way that is for their best interest. Thank you!
— Ira Wolfe, Thornhill, Canada

An excellent programme. It will help me to improve my relationships with friends and colleagues and understand them and their behaviour better. Our coaches were extremely helpful and supportive. We could not have had better.
— Janice N. Haigh, Wakefield, United Kingdom

TRANSFORMATIONAL! Shelle models and lives what she teaches. Engaging, focused, timely. A lot packed into a small space. I can strongly recommend this experience to someone wanting to take their lives and work to another level.
— Karen Drake, trainer, St.Louis, USA

Amazing! Incredibly deep, yet practical; powerful, because the process of the course allowed us to achieve a high level of skill in a relatively short period of time.
Thanks so much, Shelle; you are a masterful trainer. You so model what you teach. Your knowledge and skill are incredible. The coaches were all great; gracious and helpful. Each brought a unique energy and style.
This program will help us to refine and target sales and marketing materials to increase sales success in less time. It will allow me to refine and customize my offering and significantly improve my client’s results. I wish I had taken this years ago.
— Randy Park, Consultant, Trainer, Toronto, Canada

Thank you very much it was a perfect, very effective training. The program will help in understanding other people better and quickly.
— Marco Bogendoerfer, Zorneding, Germany

Great. Very satisfied. It went fast (even though it was two weeks!). It was a great opportunity to practice the skills and I have become more confident. I have met great people/friends that I will continue to learn with. I have met my goal of learning something new and challenging myself.
— Laurie Flasko, Niagara Falls, Canada

I enjoyed the program very much. A good mixture of teamwork and partner work, well structured. I love Shelle’s style, very authentic! Influencing in a very positive way. I’m motivated to stay in contact and learn more from Shelle.
— Bernd Koepke, Ratingen, Germany

I highly recommend the LAB Profile Consultant/Trainer and Practitioner course. It is the most powerful and fun learning programme I have been on and worth every bit of personal, physical and intellectual investment. It’s more than a tool kit, it’s the complete multi-function personal development tool and needs no batteries!
— Ian Clarke, Trainer & Consultant, UK

It was a great opportunity in my life to spend 2 weeks with open-minded and kind colleagues. I learned real quality topics, with a great impact on our lives from the best trainer we could ever have.
— Gabriela Bondrea, Romania

This program is so full of practical, use-able strategies with a multiplicity of applications. Shelle’s teaching style is close to genius. The coaches provided value in many ways. This program will expand and add specific strategies to my existing work and programs. This was an amazing experience! I will never be the same again. Thank you so much for a fabulous learning,
— Faythe Buchanan, Halifax, Canada

Very motivating and intensive program. I adore Shelle’s style in presenting, her sense of humour and energy flow.
— Anna Ivanova, Russia

Really great stuff!! LAB Profile® will definitely be a core part of my business. I really enjoyed the course. It gave me deep insights into communication and will add great value to my life!
— Andreas Pleinegger, Austria

Excellent training! I not only learned the LAB Profile®, there was a lot of fun incorporated into the program. Shelle is a great trainer. This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. It’s a good mix between theory, exercises and fun.
— Michael Heitkoetter, Germany

This program has given me greater clarity of what I want to do, how to do it and how to achieve greater economic stability. Shelle’s inspiration, engagement and humour has just been amazing!
— Jannie Walker Larsson, Sweden

The LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Program has opened up many possibilities to develop a market/s for my own business plans. In my current workplace it can be used to better understand our clients, how we communicate with them, meet their needs and achieve our growth targets. This course has been life-changing. I have learned an enormous amount about myself, the LAB Profile® and others. It has been an enriching experience. Loved it!
— Anne Lucas, Adelaide, Australia

I loved the program and the sequence and application opportunities. There was never a dull moment! Shelle is versatile, engaging, entertaining, very perceptive and available to teach more than is in the program. The coaches were very willing to support us. I will use these skills in my training to help others learn more easily. — Mary Blanchard, USA

Excellent program, well organized, good pace, great exercises. My coach was excellent, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. I now have a product that I can ‘sell’ that is clearly different and very effective. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to communicate better in any medium.
— Gregg Hannah, Toronto, Canada

The most engaging and helpful session I’ve attended in over 20 years. Practical and made me really think about how I communicate with others. 4 stars!!
Shelle was a wonderful guide throughout the entire 10 days. I learned a lot of new facilitation ideas just by watching. Her ability to ‘talk the talk’ is amazing; without a doubt the LAB Profile® ‘goddess’! My coaches were wonderful in running our integration group. I received new facilitation ideas, presentation and consulting skills and many practical applications. An amazing experience!
— Richard Swiss, Corporate Trainer, Chicago

This program is the universal key to people’s doors. No words could possibly describe Shelle. The coaches were so helpful and resourceful. OUTSTANDING! Lots of fun. Exceeded my expectations.
— Nadia Talhi, Trainer, Montréal, Canada

An excellent program for business applications and professional development. It will help me to improve communication and resourcefulness in working with my team and the other sales teams. It is easier now to convey the right message to the right stakeholder. Thank you all for a great experience. This was truly transformational.
— Aretta Swanson, Trainer, Chicago

Wow! Intense, but a good intense. I was thoroughly pleased, with not only Shelle’s world famous expertise and style, but also with the strong attention to complete learning with coaches involved. The message ‘ time = communication’ will resonate with our sales management teams. LAB Profile® will provide new material that we will overlay into current training /skill sets. Well done! Great activities and SUPER advice.
— Tom Selba, USA

Shelle is amazing. The examples and demos she did were like magic. It was really a great experience; it gave me more courage to try something new and have fun with it.
— Niina Tsuchiya, Japan

Without a doubt one, if not the most intensive, rigorous course I have completed. You kind of knew you deserved certification at the end; you had been put through the mill and came out the other side better and stronger.
— Mark Woods, Consultant, United Kingdom

The best course I have ever done in terms of value and personal benefit.
— Shaun Wilde, United Kingdom


Perfect fit at the right time at many levels; from the timing of tasks and activities up to my own personal timing for my life.
— Brad White, Owner, Of Course Consulting Inc., Canada

It was a great pleasure to participate as a coach in this exciting seminar – first of all because of the fantastic team Shelle had chosen to work with. I liked the way the programme stretched every one of us – the participants, the coaches and – maybe the presenter. Being part of this great team gave me much deeper insight for my own seminars of the LAB Profile. A great experience – thanks a million.
— Klaus Voss, Trainer, Berlin, Germany

Well-structured, well-paced, good balance of theory and practice… and well-delivered! I enjoyed the course very much and learned a lot about the LAB Profile that I will take with me.
— Nicolas Von Zweigbergk, United Kingdom

I came to learn techniques; but I also learned about myself, about how other people may deal with issues we were tackling. The learning exceeded my expectations in many ways.
— Ilaria Vilkelis, Switzerland

I have a sense that I really learned (the use of) language for the first time in my life (as a linguist).
— Akihiko Uechi, Associate Professor , Osaka, Japan
I’d like to explicitly say “thanks you so much” for having given me the opportunity to participate as a coach in your program. You told us not everything needed to be perfect, but I think you do everything to run the program at the highest possible standard. It was challenging but I always felt safe and was certain the network of trainers and other coaches would be there to carry things forward (which is totally different from failing with something and getting things corrected retroactively). I benefit quite much from actually doing things, so this experience has huge value for me.
— Andreas Trilling, LAB Profile Coach, Germany

Well designed for learning at the perfect pace. Transformational! Words can’t describe the impact on my perspective. Shelle, thank you. I was a skeptic at first and now I am an ambassador for your work.
— Patricia Tolppanen, Police Commissioner, Calgary, Canada

It was a very special two weeks, a fantastic group of coaches and participants and of course, Shelle, you were wonderful! I learned a huge amount, much of which just appears from time to time! Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious and whenever I think about that time I get big smile on my face.
— Mark Thompson, Coach and Trainer, United Kingdom

Very challenging and I feel very privileged to have been a participant in the program. Many thanks to you, Shelle and Melody as well as the coaches and participants for one of the most meaningful learning experiences.
— Marlene Thicke, Ottawa, Canada

I appreciated the last few days of the program that dealt with all the options for application–my picture for the profile has expanded and I have already been able to incorporate what I learned in my every day activities outside of the program.
— Jeanne Theriault, Consultant, Toronto, Canada

Fantastic, more than I ever imagined. Very well planned and structured with the attendees development central to the course rather than the course being central. Far exceeds all my high expectations!
— Susan Terpilowski, Market Researcher, United Kingdom

Shelle, there are not yet words to describe how wonderful a teacher you are and how brilliantly you put the pieces together. This course was not only two weeks of learning, it is many months of learning.
— Taija Teitto-Hassan, I.O.D. Counseling and Training, Finland

This course is of high standards, well-structured and varied.
— Mary Talbot, Switzerland

Great structure – the best in terms of planning I’ve ever seen. Supports very well the gradual development of learning. Excellent presenter.
— Andy Szekely, Manager, AS Training & Consulting, Romania

Shelle’s training was one of the very best trainings I have ever attended, not only for the quality of the content and the training experience, but for learning communication skills I use on a daily basis, and are now a permanent part of how I communicate. I chuckle when people ask me if I use the skills I learned during those two weeks, because they have become automatic and a part of who I am, so yes I use them!
— Kendal Summerhawk, United States

Shelle is a master trainer, with a wealth of skill and knowledge, who works her magic to equip you to consult and train at a deeper level of mastery. And what a dynamite genie she makes! The coaches are supportive and knowledgeable, providing you with meaningful feedback, and your learning process is carefully coordinated and managed. In short, the whole journey is elegant and stimulating. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme to anyone who wants to learn more about influencing with integrity. It has certainly been one of the highlights of my career–personally and professionally. If you are serious about investing in yourself and your future, and exploring possibilities, then this is the programme for you. Not only do you get to develop your understanding of how to use words that change minds, but you also learn how to avoid potential booby traps that could tarnish your success.
— Monique Stock, Consultant, South Africa

Excellent — Intense — Satisfying. The program design allowed levels of complexity to be steadily layered into overall understanding of the profile and its application. I achieved the course and personal objectives fully and so much more.
— Phil Stephenson, United Kingdom

Your course is so much more than just learning the LAB Profile …it’s also business-building, networking and many other things besides.
— Alicia Stack, Manager, United States

This is a challenging course where qualification standards are set high, so too are the standards in relation to course delivery, coaching support and supporting material. Shelle’s high octane commitment lights up every day throughout the course with a dedicated, luminary, delivery of this most resourceful of skills. I am taking these new skills into the world of conflict resolution, I am particularly happy to do so.
— Martin Snodden, Ireland

Lasting and profound. What started off as tools and techniques turned seamlessly into appreciation of self and others, which for me, is magic. Fabulous, outstanding! Coaches were great!
— Gill Shaw, United Kingdom

Content highly relevant to me. Context had very good energy, and facilitated stretching. It was a sufficiently comfortable way to get outside my comfort zone regularly! Thank you for sharing all the hard work you’ve done, Shelle! I appreciate the depth and breadth of your development and application work — you’re a great model for me.
— Laurel Sandford, United States

Best course I have ever been on.
— Sandra Pullen, United Kingdom

Exciting — really intensive–useful and very well organized! A revealing experience! Unforgettable! It’s a powerful anchor!
— Fabrizio Pirovano, Corporate Trainer, Milano, Italy

A fantastic experience I recommend highly to all of you who want to improve your influencing language. We were a great bunch of people from all continents with various backgrounds and objectives. There were NLPers, coaches, Teachers and business people, etc. We were all very different, but had in common the interest in influencing and motivating ourselves and others with Words that Change Minds. Shelle was able to connect to all of us and “pick us up at our individual bus stop” and move us way further. I can say for myself that the LAB Profile is a great tool with all of its flexibility and depth.
— Anne Piper, Trainer, Denmark

Thank you for the Words That Change Minds Certification. It is proving to be incredibly useful over every aspect of communication we encounter. I learned so much from the program and many of the really valuable lessons that have stayed with me are from the coaching sessions where “things” just happened unexpectedly but gave such insights into how we all communicate. It was a great learning experience!
— Richard Pentreath, Managing Director, Krumbs-Aha!, United Kingdom

I came with a lot of trepidation. I knew it would be tough, but I was totally committed to this. There were times when I was tired, or anxious and I was carried through those moments, by Shelle, the coaches and the colleagues on the course. I loved Shelle’s style and have learned huge amounts. What a model! Well, well worth the investment! What a great bunch of people to connect with.
— Merilyn Parker-Armitage, United Kingdom

If you want to become the queen of the sound bite, hang out with Shelle. Over the 10 day period, you’ll watch yourself convey accurate, meaningful messages – inside two sentences. Don’t know about your world but in mine, that’s a cool achievement. I’m still practising of course!
— Toy Odiakosa, Coach, United Kingdom

I am using the LAB Profile with coaching clients (The conversational coaching is a real help here) and also as part of my marketing company which provides niche relationship building marketing solutions. Needless to say, I am really proud of the service we provide and I use the LAB when helping clients write their newsletters or when I go on a sales call. The LAB is an amazing tool and I am so glad I attended the course.
— Ian Northcott, United Kingdom

Absolutely excellent! It delivered much more than expected. Fantastic knowledge, explained in a very simple way. Always engaging and energetic. If I could model 1/4 of this I would be very happy!
— Gemma Norman, United Kingdom

With this course not only have I reached my outcomes, I have great information and know where to go with the LAB Profile.
— Arturo Nicora, Consultant/Trainer, Switzerland

I tend to be very skeptical going into trainings. I wasn’t disappointed, actually by the middle of the second week I was disappointed that it was already wrapping up. Going into the course, my plan of action was to come out 100% confident with my profiling skills, with that I would have been content. Merely 1.5 months later I have already started coaching our sales force on delivering presentations, working with our marketing dept to ensure we’re targeting the right audiences and so much more. The course has already paid for itself, I continue to grow and see new applications that I hadn’t noticed yet the LAB Profile is everywhere!
— Dyanne Nelson, Recruiter, Montréal, Canada

This is a life changing experience, a turning point in my life. This is now my ‘core tool’ for understanding people. This is the first course that I have attended where I truly felt that what I have been taught has been integrated and embodied within myself.
— George Nel, Trainer, South Africa

Challenging, enjoyable, supportive; an intensive and valuable learning experience. A really worthwhile experience on many levels!
— Shona Mitchell, Trainer, United Kingdom

Excellent training. Shelle’s style keeps you engaged all day. Great format. Mixed it up sufficiently without feeling lost or confused. Loved Chris’s stint on marketing research; very useful for me personally. I have learned so much. I have been challenged in new ways and it has given me a new way of looking at my world.
— Claire McPhillips, Market Researcher, United Kingdom

Here’s how I use the LAB Profile Certification for my work. First, for my own development as a trainer, enhancing the understanding of the students by using appropriate language to meet the students where they live. Second, to ensure that handouts are designed for maximum utility based on students particular requirements from training Third, as content, to train sales people, so that they have more flexibility with their clients, more success with their sales calls and presentations. Fourth, as content, to train proposal writers, so that they know that document design responds to needs of specific customer type; and fifth, as content, to train project managers about communication styles, for client meetings, for senior reporting, and for team communications.
— Joanne McDowall, Proposal lDev. Specialist, Trainer, Winnipeg, Canada

Life changing – as I hoped it would be. Even more wide ranging uses than I’d thought.
— Sarah McCulloch, Ireland

A really great impressive experience for me. Thanks to my coach and to you Shelle!
— Herbert Lange, Germany

Shelle, working with you, the other coaches and the whole team of participants during the LAB Profile Certification Program has been an incredible experience for me– all three times! When you add all of this “people” stuff to a process and methodology that works, the end result has been a change in the way I conduct my business which has yielded excellent personal and professional results. And . . . . there is still a great deal of untapped potential to be explored. Yippeee! Coaching my two integration teams and hearing the course content again gave me the opportunity to check my own skill level, which allowed me to pat myself on the back in some areas and pay greater attention to others. I had an opportunity to watch each participant’s skills grow regarding their LAB Profile knowledge and expertise, and at the same time, an amazing story unfolded during the two weeks we were together. I watched people from around the world figure out how to make their cultural, gender, age, etc. differences work for them and their team. Both times my collection of five individuals transitioned into supportive work teams, and they developed a great fondness for each other that I think will continue long after everyone has gone back home.I have attended many, many training programs, but none of them have had an impact on the participants like this one. Congratulations and please keep this going for a long time to come.
— Nancy Klepper, HR Consultant and Trainer, New Jersey

Well structured; elegantly delivered with great humor What a great experience with such wonderful scope.
— John Killman, United Kingdom

A very thorough learning experience. I really feel like I’ve earned my spurs which is satisfying. Fantastic presentation – very engaging – Thank you!
— Brigitte Jaquillard, Performance coach and consultant, United Kingdom

Excellent in-depth program equipping you with expert knowledge and experience that can apply not only in work but in everyday life.
— Chris Humphreys, United Kingdom

Very professionally organized! The best seminar I have taken internationally. The coaches were well trained. I really enjoyed meeting the other students. Very professional with caliber from different cultures. Shelle kept us entertained. Her knowledge and expertise brings an abundance of wealth and wisdom. I love her sense of humour and openness.
— Yukari Horiguchi, NLP Trainer, Tokyo

The most enriching and powerful program I’ve attended. Seeing masterly at work, in all the areas we covered was the best modeling example I have seen. This seminar… was the turning point that is going to launch me into taking my professional life in my own hands. I have gained skills, which allow me to achieve my objectives.
— Chilina Hills, France

As an executive coach and an organizational consultant, I was intrigued by the LAB Profile methodology potential in achieving outstanding coaching results. The LAB Profile Certification program exceeded my expectations and turned out to be an exceptional learning experience. There was a good balance between theory and practice. The exercises contributed to the learning experience and the use of the learning material. It was a true joy to study from an expert such as Shelle.
— Dorit Kay, CEO at D. Coaching, Israel

Very well constructed course that manages to get across a difficult subject. I like the humour and also the balance between teaching and doing.
— Barry Gribben, Management Consultant, Northern Ireland

Great structure that has brought the individual aspects and combinations of the profiles to life in very real and practical ways.— Neil Harris, NLP Trainer, UK

The course was extremely well structured; I feel I’ve been guided through from a basic level of knowledge to a good level of competence…Truly the best course I have ever attended and I have a total belief in the use of the LAB Profile and what it can achieve.
— Jane Fligelstone, UK

Let me reiterate that the course was, in my opinion, the best I have ever attended and it will have a significant influence on my future.
— Brendan Flanagan, Owner, BF Coaching & Facilitation, France

Shelle is an amazing trainer: she uses stories effectively to help us remember what we learn; and she intersperses classroom teaching with fun hands-on exercises designed to take participants to a new level of mastery. We all learned a lot and had a great time! As an added bonus, being with people from around the world, made for an even richer experience.
— Julie Fillion, Consultant, Montréal, Canada

1000 times even more valuable in many more ways than I anticipated. Stimulating, enriching, fascinating!
— Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Trainer, London, Canada

This has been a most rewarding and intensive experience. Every part of the program was first class. Professionalism was evident throughout the course. I particularly appreciated Shelle’s wealth of knowledge and talent to present with such authenticity. Her sense of humor lightened up the intensity of the learning process for me.
— Mary Demetria Davis, USA

Great, professional, fun, lots of work.
— Christien de Vries, NLP Trainer, The Netherlands

Expertly put together. I have been assisted to take a quick, steep learning journey. I have been able to grasp concepts and ideas, put them into practice, and learn for myself. I’ve been able to make a dramatic improvement in my skills in understanding and communicating with others. The approach to teaching/learning has been wise, practical and enjoyable.
— Ian Crouchley, Consultant, UK

Expectations met and overtaken. Great structure. Good use of time and presence of coaches. Best course I have taken. Really demanding so that achieving a result here means excellence in the field.
— Jason Cox, HR Leader, Italy

The LAB Profile Certification class was by far the best training experience I have ever had. I met and worked with a diverse international group of people (both staff and students) who just sparkled with light and energy – it was such a privilege to work, study, and play with them, and now to know them as friends and contacts throughout the world is invaluable. My emerging business now has a much clearer and cleaner focus. I left feeling prepared to move forward with more confidence than ever before.
— Mia Corinha, USA

Excellent! Well-structured and the flow reinforced learning. Great energy, humour and commitment to our learning. Great experiential learning!
— Michael Cahill, UK

First of all I thought that Shelle was kidding when she mentioned that I could mix business and pleasure in Tuscany, Italy. I thought I would have pleasure anyway in Italy, and that the last thing I would need was to have a training there….. Lucky I was totally wrong. I had massive pleasure and… the fun still goes on. Somehow I had an important personal breakthrough. All of a sudden, I realized what really mattered to me and now back in Amsterdam I transform my business according to new priorities.
— Albert Both, Lanugage Coach, The Netherlands

Excellent design, great fun, elegant process, all facilitating deep learning. Probably the best training I’ve undertaken. In fact, it is the best! I recommend it. Thank you!!!
— Joan Bird, UK

I just wanted to say, once again, a big thank you for a fantastic course. Not only did the content far exceed my expectations, but it was presented brilliantly, with a lot of humour and a great deal of skill. Thanks also for your wonderful hospitality and for the hard work Melody put in to making it all run smoothly.
— Gill Best, Coach, UK

Extremely well organized with a varied itinerary leading to great changes – in me. I’m really pleased to have attended – it was great.
— David Baynes, UK

My investment will return in less than half a year, but the main point is that my knowledge of LAB has been multiplied by 50 in two weeks! ….I think this program is for people who want to improve and who know that there is a lot that can be learned from the master.|— Ernst Balla, Head Of Management Development, Austria

Time well and worthy spent! Shelle, you are a wizard professionally and great as a person.
— Amnon, Tsvieli, Doctor, Israel

It would be easy to say great things about Shelle and the LAB Profile Consultant Trainer course, but I will leave you to find out for yourself. What I will say it that I have worked on addressing the legacy of violent conflict and on conflict resolution in N. Ireland, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and this past year in Gaza. I now know that had I had the skills required for the LAB Profile Consultant Trainer Certification prior to my work in these countries, my interventions would have been of greater benefit to those with whom I shared my experience. My analysis and thus understanding of individuals/groups through the use of LAB Profiling will enhance my conflict resolution interventions. I believe myself to be better resourced for my life’s purpose.
— Martin Snodden, Mediator, Ireland

It was brilliant – Thanks to Shelle and the coaches for creating such an exciting and fun learning environment!
— Ana Sanchez , UK

Amazing stuff — as in material, specifically the LAB Profile. Magnificent presenter — as in presence, force and energy. I know this would be good and it was better. I have had great teachers in my life. Some stand out as the cream of excellent teachers. Now Shelle is added to that list. I thank you.
— Anne Renew, CEO of INSAfrica, South Africa

Excellent – real stretch, real insights, practical application and fun. I feel so much more resourceful now. Thank you Shelle and coaches.
— Jenny Partridge, UK

Fantastic! The amazing discovery and journey on language that create a person’s destiny. Spread the LAB Profile around the GLOBE!
— MD Taib Mat, Consultant, Malaysia

An invaluable opportunity to revisit, reinforce and extend my understanding and more importantly, my use of the LAB Profile. Delightful to see Shelle working both in the group and individual advanced coaching. this made the profile into a much more practical and usable tool for me in a broader way that I had previously seen.
— Bob Janes, Director, Revell and Janes Ltd., France

Shelle’s presentation of the information is truly outstanding; providing processes, options and tools that are immediately useful in personal and professional situations to avoid conflicts, build strong working teams and better relationships with family, friends and associates. While the seminar provides a new and totally different way to determine how to communicates with others, you may see the processes as an evolutionary process of continual improvements in communications and relationships.
— Bob Harper, USA

Language is the powerful tool of influence in communication, and when it is used with integrity it is irresistible. I went on the LAB Profile course to learn new things about how people communicate. I am a lawyer practising law in Ireland. Lawyers a great communicators in court, in meetings and so forth, but we are not good communicators when it comes to communicating with our clients. I wanted to understand why we are such poor communicators with our clients, in the hope that I could pass my knowledge onto other lawyers. The LAB Profile course taught me everything I wanted to know and more. I strongly recommend the course to anybody who wants to be an irresistible communicator.
— Johnny Bourke, Lawyer, Ireland

Excellent program, really enjoyed being a participant. Very good and thorough training, excellent imbedding of skills; very practical. Shelle was great and inspirational. Thanks ever so much.
— Tineke Bosma, Trainer, UK

Great atmosphere, contacts, delegates. Theory and practice quite balanced. Very professional! Great to learn from role models living the LAB Profile! Thank you. Please continue with the program, let’s spread the news!
— Patricia Tonak, Trainer, Germany

Shelle, you and the coaches have given me much, much more than I would thought in my wildest dreams. It is a practical, highly useful training and the best I have ever received in my life.
— Wim Thielemans, Belgium


Pre-Requisites to attend the LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification

1) Complete the LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification with a certified trainer or complete the LAB Profile® Online Practitioner Program
(when you register, you will receive 50% off the LAB Profile®Online Practitioner Program)

2) Complete a minimum of 20 LAB Profiles. There is a LAB Profile® worksheet included in the LAB Profile® Learning Program. You can copy this worksheet to complete the 20 LAB Profiles. The best way to practice is by doing profiles in different contexts with your clients/family/friends. For example, if someone wants to improve how they manage relationships, do a profile in the context of being in a relationship.


Program Overview...

LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Training Program Overview

Day 1: LAB Profile® Pattern Knowledge, How to decode people’s motivations from their spoken and written language
Day 2: Predict Behavior from Pattern Combinations, Recruiting & Selecting based on Fit with LAB Profile®
Day 3:
Present with Charisma: Using the LAB Profile® for any audience
Day 4:
Uncover the complex sequences in below-conscious motivations for persuasive marketing and sales
Day 5:
Create advanced communication strategies and solve organization problems

Free Weekend to explore

Day 6: Team Building and Corporate Culture Diagnosis
Day 7:
Advanced Group Facilitation & Presentation skills, Dynamic Questions and Answers
Day 8:
Conversational Coaching and Individual Presentations
Day 9:
Sales, Customer Service Training and Consulting
Day 10:
Integration, Preparing your Implementation and Celebration

Consultant / Trainer / Leader / Coaching Applications...

Consultant / Trainer / Leader / Coaching Applications

Recruitment and Selection – Profile a position for “fit”, motivation and attitude, attract only the right people, choose the best candidate who will love their job.

Leadership Strategies – know how to inspire and lead a group based on what motivates them.

Corporate Problem-Solving – Decode difficult communication and persuasion challenges and develop motivating solutions

Influencing and Persuasion Learning Programs – Develop a unique curriculum to teach your clients the most advanced persuasion skills using NLP techniques

Conversational Coaching© – Learn Shelle Rose Charvet’s bestselling informal coaching model to help your coaching clients ease into their own success strategies.

Implementing Corporate Change – Change is difficult. Develop the correct “Language of Change” to reduce resistance and get buy-in when it counts, in organizations and teams.

Advanced LAB Profile® Tools – Try out on-line profiling for individuals, large groups, and modelling excellence.

Irresistible Presentations – Meet your audience at their bus stop. Take them on your journey to your destination.

Integration Groups...

Integration Groups

To advance your learning, highly skilled Coaches will facilitate your Integration Group at the end of the training day. You will be with a small group where you can begin to process your learning, ask questions and benefit from others’ experience.

Cancellation, Certification and Licensing...

Cancellation policy options:
Should you need to cancel after June 30th, 2015, you will be refunded your deposit amount minus a $500 US administration fee. But you can apply your deposit to next year’s program.

Certification & Licensing
When you arrive at the program you will be asked to sign a copy of the licensing agreement (link below).  In order to be certified as a LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer you will need to meet the Certification Standards (link below)

Licensing agreement (for your information only – an original will be signed upon your Certification) View a copy »

Certification standards; what you need to be able to do in order to receive certification View a copy »

Ready to start? I’d love to see you there!
Have a question? Just email me.

Dates: August 1st to August 12th, 2016
Location: Paris, France
Venue: Institut Repère – 
78 Avenue du Général Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris

Investment – $ 4,997 US (Includes 10 day program and all learning materials)
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