Shelle's Private Group

A few reasons you might
want to join this program.

You are feeling frustrated and
want to get more business quicker
for your coaching, training, consulting practice.

you are crazy busy, or “drowning in work”,
as one person told me.
If this is you and you are still charging for your time,
and not your value,
you need a new business model.

you want to change the kind of clients you are getting,
the work you are doing to a higher level of value and revenue.

you are creating a new product or service and
want to ensure that you launch it successfully.

Help is here!

I am starting a private small group program to
help you rapidly increase your revenue
and the value your clients get from you!

Your Expected Results from this program:

  1. Dramatically increase your revenue.
  2. Sell more business quicker.
  3. Create great value for your clients so they want more!
  4. Launch your new ideas successfully
  5. Generate high revenue projects that don’t take all your time
  6. Eliminate the time-wasters that you thought would be worthwhile
  7. Shorten your learning curve for going to the next level.

I encourage you to be ambitious ----
let’s make sure this program really pays!

We start by setting revenue targets, such as
generating at least twice the investment in this program
before the end of the program.

Program Highlights

  • find out what is selling now and what isn't!
  • who is the correct market and what results can you expect
  • how to position your offerings,
  • prospecting, without cold calling
  • how to run your 1st sales meetings,
  • handling proposals,
  • facilitating quicker client decision & closing,
  • social media credibility creation,
  • and much more.

This program is for you if you want to commit to getting worthwhile results
with a process that works.

What’s in the program?

  1. 6 group action-coaching sessions via teleconference/hangout, approx. every 2 weeks
  2. “Hotseat Solution Session” to help you with the key strategies you need.
  3. Recorded sessions for easy re-listening.
  4. One on One private coaching with me - Shelle - on your biggest challenge and biggest opportunity.
  5. Group accountability to help you reach all your targets.
  6. A guided, structured approach so you avoid all the pitfalls of doing this on your own.
  7. The process helps you create a phenomenal business.

Starting Date: November 16, 2015
Value: $10,000.00 USD
when I do this program individually.
Special price for my LAB Profile® Graduates: $2997.00 USD (70%) savings

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 How each action-coaching session works:

  1. A participant explains their business idea/sales challenge.
  2. Strategic questioning & Input from Shelle & group.
  3. Each person identifies the relevant lesson for them.
  4. Each person defines implementation goals and target dates.


  1. Each participant sends weekly progress email to whole group.
  2. Group shares questions/insights between sessions.

This program will help you define and reach your targets.
If you know you could be doing much better,
but aren’t yet – this program is for you.

Are you ready to accelerate your business and your life?

Shelle’s Private Business Development Coaching Program

Starting Date: November 16, 2015
Value: $10,000.00 USD
when I do this program individually.
Special price for my LAB Profile® Graduates: $2997.00 USD (70%) savings

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