What you say and do matters!

You never know when there is an opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. Here is Takayama-san’s story, told with his permission.

I bet there have been many opportunities when what you have said and done has made a huge difference in someone’s life.
Please post your story!

10 thoughts on “What you say and do matters!

  1. Vivian Q

    I was applauding with the audience when the video ended! What YOU say and do matters – YES IT DOES! You keep getting better and better!!! Your newsletters are a nice break during my day. And yes, I have joined you with some procrastination :)!

  2. Esty

    I was once working with a patient who was not recovering as fast as he thought he would. I wasn’t sure what was in his imagination and expectations, but his frustration level was hurting whatever progress he could have been making.

    I told him that It is not how fast you are going that matters. It is the direction you are headed in, that counts.

    This one sentence helped him take on a whole new perspective to his healing, that included patience and mindfulness of small things. This greatly helped him appreciate and even celebrate every step of his journey to wellness.

  3. Judy Pearson

    As a therapist and NLP Practitioner, I know, my words have sometimes made a difference. One day an acquaintance told me that when she was 18, she wanted to be a nurse. But she went in other directions and pursued another career altogether. Although she loved her work, she said she felt guilty about changing her earlier decision. She said, “I feel like I’ve let my younger self down.” I said to her, “As an intelligent 32 year old woman, are you in the habit of asking career advice from 18 years olds?” The expression on her face was priceless! She gasped, she giggled, and she never felt guilty again.

  4. Nancy Binder

    Thank you. I am widowed and needed to hear that “you will rebuild your life”. As much concern my friends have given me, no one ever expressed that I WILL rebuild my life. Instead, the comments are : you will be OK, you will meet someone (how cruel — he is not a puppy dog, everything will change, its been over a year and you should feel better…) Sometimes thats all you need to hear that it will be a different life and it will be rebuilt. Please thank the man from Japan.

    1. suCeSS Post author

      Hi Nancy. You WILL rebuild your life. In fact, knowing you, I suspect that you are already well on your way!
      Big hugs!


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