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You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Is it not possible that you could do a few things and apply it and solve any problem anywhere, anytime? So here are my thoughts, the solution to any problem. 

Well, first of all, it’s either a question of intelligence or brute strength. So sometimes you need to use your brain to solve a problem and sometimes, you know, particular physical things like get the jar open, it needs brute strength. So those are my first two thoughts, intelligence or brute strength. Then I thought, “That’s not enough,” because you also need sometimes imagination. Raw intelligence isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to change perspectives and see things from another angle. So that made three solutions: intelligence, brute strength, and imagination. I thought, “That’s not enough.” Sometimes you need persistence like the thing you tried first of all, didn’t work. You’ve got to try again and you’ve got to try again particularly when you’re honing a skill or learning a new language. I’m learning German and  I really need persistence. You got to keep going. 

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And then the last thing that occurred to me, the last piece, if you really want the solution to any problem, is sometimes you need faith. Now, here’s my definition of faith. Faith is when you choose to believe something for which there is no evidence. Sometimes you keep your eyes close, you just got to keep going because you know you’ll eventually get there. I was thinking that you need faith when you’re raising teenagers, for example, because if you don’t have faith it is all going to turn out in the end you might as well give up. Anyway, that’s my thoughts. That’s the solution to any problem: intelligence, brute strength, persistence — there was a couple of others — persistence, imagination — I just about forgot imagination — and faith.

Let me know what you think. Do you agree? Do you disagree? 

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7 thoughts on “The Solution to All Problems – Shelle’s Top Tips

  1. David Shindler

    Shelle, I wonder if taking one step backwards is helpful to your question? As soon as I frame something as a ‘problem’ and the need to ‘solve’ it, it brings with it a whole stack of unconscious feelings, thoughts and values that can either move me towards or away from the challenge of ‘solving the problem’. Reframing helps me greatly to approach the question differently. I suppose I’m questioning whether anything is a ‘problem’ and that our approach to it can help us find a way forward.

  2. M P Rajan

    Shelle, I find that human beings have made it mandatory to lead a life which is driven by purposes. Imagine a life where purposes are driven only by two issues – connecting with the humanity and growing as human being. All other problems would fade away by themselves. Love of self and love of humanity in the right balance will be the best solution.

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  4. professional photography forums

    Your post have been really helpful, they were very insightful. Much food for thought Your post really touched base on many different aspects and you looked at the topic from different prospectives. Not everyone will agree with everything here of course.

  5. Hoda Lacey

    Shelle, I’m one of your absolute followers. I have recommended your book to many and always try to attend your London seminars.

    I wonder if persistance is possible without faith?

    Smiles from Hoda

  6. Resli Costabell

    Perhaps the solution to all problems is: time. Time passes, and either the problem resolves itself, or it ceases to matter.

    Or another solution to all problems: reframe them from “Problems” into “things that I can drive myself nuts with if I want to but actually doing so is entirely optional”. Like when I found an old To Do list from when I was 16. I could remember what every entry on the list meant. But that which had seemed so vital back then, I now realised was not even remotely important. We could learn so much if we viewed our problems from the perspective of astronomers on Pluto: it’s all tiny and meaningless in the grand scheme of things. The reframe doesn’t Solve problems, but it DisSolves problems.

    PS: If you have Persistence, is Faith necessary?

  7. Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

    Your videos motivate me to think and take action! You teach so much in such a few minutes.
    Re. Solving problems, I agree. However I add Love to the equation- love of self , love of others and a love for what you are doing. Genuine, inside out, unconditional love can bridge barriers that the strongest or smartest cannot surmount. I don’t mean the Valentiny kind either.
    Will talk more about this aspect on my second web site
    Positively and with fond memories of your superb teaching.
    Hi and a hug to dear Melody.


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